Terms and Conditions 300K + Final Challenge Sweepstakes


Youandi Infinite S.L. with registered office at C/ La Safor 5, 46940 Manises, Valencia, with CIF B98962038 owner of the trademark THE-ARE (hereinafter "THE-ARE") organizes on the dates indicated below, the free contest without obligation to purchase called Raffle 300K + Final Challenge (hereinafter "the draw") in accordance with the modalities described in these Rules.


The sweepstakes starts on 3/22/2022 and ends on 3/22/2022. It is a sweepstakes organized exclusively on the account of THE-ARE @thearecom.

Participants must follow all the steps outlined in the Instagram post.

The winners of the clothing items will be announced throughout the day through stories and on a winners page that the company will be updating, from 12:30h until 21:30h. 03/22/2022 will be the last day to participate in the sweepstakes and opt to be one of the winners that will be distributed that day.

The prize is based on the following conditions: We draw one garment every 30 seconds for 5 minutes of every hour, adding up to a total of 100 winners. In addition, this sweepstakes is part of the 300K CHALLENGE of the firm. THE-ARE. The sweepstakes will be completed with a final challenge, a last test.

The winners of the clothing items every 30 seconds will be contacted on the day of the sweepstakes and will be told how to manage their prize. They will be able to choose a garment from a selection and will be provided with a discount code for 100% of the amount so that they can make the purchase at 0 cost from our website. The discount code does have an expiration date, the winner will have a maximum of 7 days after receiving the discount code to use it.

The shipping cost will be paid by the winners to facilitate the management of the contest.

At the end of the extraction of clothing winners, THE-ARE will launch the last challenge (top secret). If this challenge is met, one thing will happen. If it is not met, something else will happen. That's why the brand has baptized this sweepstakes as 'the fastest in the history of instagram with a final challenge that no one knows'.


1 garment of the brand THE-ARE every 30 seconds for 5 minutes of every hour.
1 final challenge with two prize options. The legal bases of this challenge will be added at a later date.


The winners of the garment every 10 minutes will be announced during the 22/03/2022 through the brand's stories @thearecom and will also be updated on a page on the website of THE-ARE that we will share via stories.

The resolution of the grand final challenge will be known by March 30.


A winner will be chosen every 30 seconds during the 5 minutes of each hour (from 30 to 35 of each hour), a total of 100, and will be published in comments, as well as on a page of our website to be able to consult them later.

A total of 100 winners will be chosen from all the comments and mentions, who will be able to choose a garment fromTHE-ARE from a selection that we will pass on to them to choose from.Before announcing the winner, we will validate that he/she has fulfilled the conditions of the draw and then we will consider it valid and publish it.

The winners of the garments will be contacted during the day and will have a maximum of 7 days to redeem their prize.


Winners authorize the brand to publish and promote their information, such as profile picture, name or email, on the website and social networks of THE-AREas well as in any of the brand's official communication channels, without this generating any right in their favor to receive any benefit whatsoever.