Legal Terms and Conditions Vespa Sweepstakes THE-ARE


Youandi Infinite S.L. with registered office at C/ La Safor 5, 46940 Manises, Valencia, with CIF B98962038 owner of the trademark THE-ARE (hereinafter "THE-ARE") organizes on the dates indicated below, the free contest with no obligation to purchase called Vespa Sweepstakes THE-ARE (hereinafter "the sweepstakes") in accordance with the terms and conditions described in these Terms and Conditions.


The sweepstakes begins on 10/06/2021 and ends on 18/06/2021 and will be carried out only through the social network Instagram, from the official account of THE-ARE @thearecomInstagram, although the sweepstakes will be organized in collaboration with the @verseapp account.

Participants must follow all the steps indicated in the publication: be followers of the @verseapp account.thearecom and @verseapp, mention a friend in the publication and share the sweepstakes post from stories.

There will be a total of 8 winners. 7 of them will win a garment from THE-ARE to choose from a selection. This draw will be daily and each winner will be mentioned in the post of the publication. The 8th winner will get the Vespa Primavera in mint green color as a prize.

This promotion is exclusive to THE-ARE with the collaboration of @verseapp.

The prize is based on the following conditions: We raffle a Vespa Primavera 50cc 4T E5 for one winner and 7 garments of the firm. THE-AREone for each day of the raffle.

The winners of the clothing items will be contacted within 3-4 days maximum from the end of the draw and will be told how to manage the prize: They will receive a link to a page of our website with a variety of garments to choose from and a discount code so that, when making the purchase through the web, the amount of the garment will be 0 €. The discount code does have an expiration date, the winner will have a maximum of 30 days after receiving the discount code to use it.The shipping cost will be paid by the winners of the garment. This sweepstakes is international, taking into account that the winner will have to assume the shipping costs.

The winner of the motorcycle and helmet will be contacted as soon as their name is published as the winner and will receive instructions on how to get their prize. The winner will have to pay the registration fee (150€) to the dealer. following the instructions that we will provide. If the winner resides in Valencia or surroundings, the shipping costs of the motorcycle will be paid by the organizing company, THE-ARE. Otherwise, the winner will have to pay the shipping costs (cost between 150 and 200€). or, at his/her own expense and choosing the method of his/her choice, go to the Vespa Turia dealership (Valencia) to collect the prize. In case the winner resides in an area close to a Vespa Turia dealership, he/she will be able to pick it up there and avoid paying the shipping costs.


1 item of clothing from THE-ARE for 7 days (from June 11 to 17).
1 scooter Vespa Primavera 50cc 4Y E5 year 2021, new.
1 case of Vespa brand, in collaboration with the dealer @vespaturia.
No prize can be exchanged in any way or redeemed for cash.


The winners of the THE-ARE will be announced from June 11 to June 17 in the sweepstakes copy. The winner of the motorcycle will be announced on June 18 at 14:00h from our Instagram stories and will be reflected in the copy of the draw.


A winner will be chosen every day from June 11 to June 17 among all comments, who will be able to choose a piece of clothing from a selection provided by the brand.Before announcing the winner, we will validate that he/she has fulfilled the conditions of the sweepstakes (follow us, mention and share in stories the post of the sweepstakes) and then we will consider it valid and publish his/her name.

The procedure for choosing the winner of the motorcycle will be the same. (Winners who have been published as winners of a garment have the same chances of being chosen again as winners of the motorcycle, their participation is not eliminated because they have already won a prize).If the winner decides to refuse the prize for any reason, THE-ARE the drawing will be held again to choose a new winner.

The winners of the clothing items will be contacted within 3-4 days from the end of the draw and will have a maximum of 30 days to redeem their prize.
The winner of the scooter will be contacted the same day and will receive instructions on how to obtain the Vespa Primavera 50cc 4T E5.


This sweepstakes does not require any personal data to participate. If any, the personal data of the winners will be integrated into the database of THE-ARE in compliance with the data protection law. The user would have the possibility to unsubscribe at any time by requesting it via email. *You can review the conditions in our Privacy Policy.


The winners authorize the brand to publish and promote their information, such as profile picture, name or email, on the website and social networks of THE-AREas well as in any of the brand's official communication channels, without this generating any right in their favor to receive any benefit whatsoever.