Legal basis Sorteo150K THE-ARE


Youandi Infinite SL, with social address in C/ La Safor 5, 46940 Manises, Valencia, with CIF B98962038 owner of the brand THE-PLOW (hereinafter "THE-PLOW") organizes at the dates indicated below, the free competition with no purchase obligation called Draw 150K THE-ARE (hereinafter the "sweepstakes") in accordance with the modalities described in these rules.


The sweepstakes is only for residents in Spain.
The sweepstakes begins on the day 15/04/2019 and ends on the day 16/04/2019.
The sweepstakes winners will be announced during the days 15/12/2019 and 16/04/2019 through the instagram of the brand @thearecom). In addition, all sweepstakes participants will receive a discount code that can be used from the day 15/04/2019 until the day 18/04/2019 to 23:59.

The award is based on the following conditions:we will give away 25 items to choose from one for every winner (depending on the stock of the company) and all participants are given a discount code to use on the website or shops (except El Corte Inglés of Castellana). If the winner has participated up several items, the company reserves the right to choose, among these garments, which will correspond to the ultimate prize. Each person will have to provide data: name, e-mail, and user of Instagram, through a registration on the website to receive the discount directly in the email. The discount may be used up to the day 18/04/2019 to 23:59. To win the clothes you do a screen capture of the garment is desired (on the web), upload it to the profile of Instagram stories, and tweet. In addition they have to follow the Instagram @thearecom. In the drawing are included all the pieces of the web page.

THE-ARE assumes 100% of the cost of the products selected by each winner, and also the costs of sending the package to the address the winner indicates when you choose the garment that you want to win, always and when the address is national in scope.
This promotion is exclusive of THE-the ARE.


25 items of the web page
This prize cannot be changed or redeemed for money.


The winners will be announced during the days 15/04/2019 and 16/04/2019 in different time zones and the day 17/04/2019 at 23:59 ends the possibility of participating in the sweepstakes.


will Be selected 25 winners for two days in different time slots among all the participants. There will be a counter on the website that will be warning for when choosing the next winner and will be announced by Instagram stories through a template that lists the names of the profiles of Instagram of the winners. Before announcing the winner they will validate that you have met the convez validated that each winner meets the conditions of the prize draw will be valid. In the event that the winner has not done all correctly or do not answer within 24 hours, or decide to decline the prize for any reason, THE-ARE will begin the process of selection of a candidate by performing the same steps.
When it is final the winner we will ask for your address to send the prize.


The personal data of the winners will be integrated in the database of THE-ARE in compliance with the data protection act. The user can unsubscribe at any time by requesting it via email.


The winners authorize the trademark to your information such as profile photo, name, or email, to be published and promoted on the website and social networks of THE-ARE, as well as in any of the official channels of communication of the brand without that implying a right to his favor to receive against any benefits.