Guide to carvings

Our sizes usually go from the XS to the L. You will see garments with double size (XS/S, M/L), garments with their size (S, M, L, XL ...) or unique garments (TU). Depending on the range of sizes, the garments adapt to these measures in centimeters. Look at the table to be able to choose the one that best suits you!😊 


Double sizes:

XS/S Chest: 80-86 cm | | Tape: 64-70 cm | | Cease: 90-96 cm
S/M Chest: 86-92 cm | | Tape: 70-76 cm | | Cease: 96-102 cm
M/L Chest: 92-98 cm | | Tape: 76-82 cm | | Cease: 102-108 cm


Simple sizes:

XS Chest: 80 cm | | Tape: 64 cm | | Cease: 90 cm
S Chest: 86 cm | | Tape: 70 cm | | Cease: 96 cm
M Chest: 92 cm | | Tape: 76 cm | | Cease: 102 cm
L Chest: 98 cm | | Tape: 82 cm | | Cease: 108 cm


Single size:

Don't worry if you see a garment is a unique size. When we do this it is by the pattern, the tissue or because they are adjustable and they will adapt to you for sure.

TU: Chest: 82-90 cm | | Tape: 66-74 cm | | Cease: 92-100 cm


How do I make sure I'm choosing my size well?

In these tables above are the measures in centimeters corresponding to each size. But on each product page, you'll find the measures that the garment has on it, as left to fall stretched over the bed. We hope that with that help you can get an idea of the proportions you have. If not, if you need more information contact us by mail or via Instagram and we will help you choose the size that best suits you.

Guide to measures and sizes THE-ARE