We are proud to share with you that THE-ARE will dress the Valencia CF players during the whole season.We are proud to be the official streetwear brand of the women's team of the city of Valencia.

It is a big step for us, but also for Spanish women's soccer, which this year celebrates for the first time the professional league, Liga F. Since the beginning of the year, we have had a great opportunity to play in a professional league. THE-ARE we have designed and tailor-made the street looks that they will wear in their travels and events, and we are happy that we have been the brand they have wanted to count on.

It has been months of hard work in which many hands have joined forces to make this important project come to light. That's why we want to thank in these lines the work done by our colleagues of pattern making and workshops. BRAVO GIRLS! Like everything we do, we face this project with enthusiasm, thinking of each and every one of the players. That is why, in order to find the perfect designs, we have been working closely with the women's team.

"The beauty of this project is that it has been made with them. From the first day we announced to the players that we were going to be their brand to dress them, we listened to them and took their needs into account, and we measured each one of the team to make them a custom pattern and adapt it to their body."

Rocio Botella, designer of THE-ARE

We are a brand that designs everything from 0 and bets on national production and, although the road is not easy, this allows us to dream big. Thanks to this, we are the firm chosen to dress the VCF Femenino players and, finally, we can present the official uniforms.

When the opportunity arose to carry out this collaboration with VCF Femenino we were especially excited because behind both brands lies the story of many women, united by a common denominator:


  • "I feel very identified with the players because they fight day after day to be the best. Like them, I am fortunate to have a team made up of women who are fighters and talented. It's a unique opportunity to be able to accompany my hometown team."

    Rocío Botella, designer of THE-ARE

And now yes, the uniforms!

Through hard work and dedication, we have been able to create these three uniforms in which each garment is sewn in detail. None of this would be possible without the great work of our pattern making team to adapt the garments to each of the players and make them feel comfortable wearing them.

"The challenge is to dress girls whose life is sport and who are very used to dressing comfortably without having to be so concerned about fashion. That's why we put ourselves in their shoes and thought about what garments would be perfect for them and their lifestyle."

Rocio Botella, designer of THE-ARE

For more important events, we designed two tailor-made suits in the representative colors of VCF Femenino. It is a comfortable yet elegant pattern and consists of a blazer lined with orange fabric as a nod to the club and matching straight pants.

Adding to the look are two oversize sweatshirts in line with our classic designs. The logo of both brands is embroidered in orange and is also available as a T-shirt.

Finally, this capsule is completed with a slightly flared black knitted pant whose pattern has been adapted to the size of each player, prioritizing the comfort of our players.