Peinados Fáciles para Festivales

Festival Hairstyles - Inspired by the Influencers

 With the arrival of summer comes the music festival season. If you already have your tickets, you're probably looking for festival look inspiration for the day, but the drama comes when you think.... 'So what do I do to my hair?'

There is an infinite amount of hairstyles, from wavy manes, to colored locks, hair extensions, braids, buns or loose updos.

Stay with us because we have prepared a selection of the best hairstyles that our favorite influencers have worn to go to the festival and that will surely inspire you. Let's get started!

Easy Festival Hairstyles


Dulceida is one of the influencers who makes the most of each festival to surprise. This year she has opted for two braids at the roots and the rest of her hair wavy.

Undoubtedly the protagonist of this hairstyle is the golden hair accessories.

Wavy Loose Hair Festival Hairstyles


A super easy hairstyle to do. You just have to make some waves in your hair and for more volume add some extensions.

Rocío Camacho has opted for a glitter headband to match her look and makeup.✨

Boxer Braids with Beads Festival Hairstyle


If you are going to be at the festival all day this hairstyle is perfect for you because it is very comfortable and you won't feel hot at all.

Make two boxer braids and add some beads like these mini stars. 

Festival Hairstyle Blonde Blonde Hair Root Braids


When we saw María Pombo with this hairstyle we were amazed! She wears rolled braids (very easy to do, by the way) that make an African braid effect, but only in the front, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

You can combine this hairstyle with some glitter hairspray or some colored hair bands to give your festival look even more flair.🔥

Festival Scarf Hairstyle


Marta Lozano chose to wear a bandana as a pirate, but depending on how you place it, you will give the look a more edgy, bohemian or romantic touch.

Besides being able to place it in a thousand different ways and protect your hair from the sun, they are perfect to use several days of the festival as a top.

Fast and Easy Festival Hairstyles


A casual high bun, that's the hairstyleshe chose Italian model and influencer to go to the Coachella festival. Quick, versatile and very comfortable to wear throughout the festival. With a few loose strands and a bit of hairspray to fix the rest of the hair... and that's it!

Festival Hairstyle Bubble Blonde Braids


This option that Anita chose seems super original to us. She wore two bubble ponytails at the roots that reached the middle of her hair and were finished with surfer waves. To finish the look, she added some beads.

This hairstyle is still a casual half updo that you can do in minutes and for those of you with long hair is a great option for those of you with long hair.🔝. 

Festival Hairstyle for Short Hair


Short hair doesn't limit the options and Anna proved it with this beautiful hairstyle.

It has two boxer braids finished with two small buns. 👉🏼 A little trick is to wear this hairstyle on the first day of the festival and sleep with it so that the next day you will have natural waves.

Festival Hairstyle with Colors


A very simple festival hairstyle suitable for short hair. Marta chose to braid two braids at the roots and smaller braids throughout her hair with beads. The highlight of this hairstyle is the colored strands and the pink ends. Using colors in the hair is one of the best options if you want to wear something different and fun with loose hair.

Festival Hairstyle for Long Hair


If you like to wear your hair down and you're not used to experimenting, go for this super simple hairstyle. Two mini ponytails on the sides, pulling the hair away from the face and the rest of the hair in the wind!

Easy Hairstyles with Hats


If there is one accessory that we love, it is the hat. With this accessory you get a chic and bohemian look, as well as protection from the sun. If you don't have a lot of hairstyling skills, make a few small braids around your hair and add an accessory that catches the eye like this maxi hat.


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