👋🏼 I am Rocío, the girl from Valencia who had the impulse to undertake one day and decided that she wanted to design and sew original and unique clothes for the girls of her generation.

I love being able to write to you directly and tell you how in 2014, when I was 23 years old, I decided to sew my own designs to get to dress girls like us. That is why I created THE-ARE, because I have always liked to dress differently and feel special with the clothes I wear.


Everything has a beginning and for me, the moment of choosing the name of the brand was very important. Among different options came the one we all know: THE-ARE. It's a play on words that means 'La erre', because that's what my friends sometimes call me, R.

I guess the Gossip Girl boom affected us a lot!

I chose that name to present my first show at Valencia Fashion Week. At first I promise you that I did not think that the project would progress like this, although I always believed that the name should sound international !!


Parading at VFWeek was, so to speak, a watershed moment. Because after the show I saw a lot of super cool clothes but little wearable, so I decided that THE-ARE had to be something else. So when I came back from London (I was there working with a designer and preparing her show for London Fashion Week), I was very clear that THE-ARE had to be the clothing brand that would dress young girls like me in clothes. original that made us feel different but also special !!

"So I was very excited, with the motivation that characterizes me and the super charged batteries I started to give shape to this project !!!"

I still remember when I had the idea of the first showroom, I wanted to do it very much in the style that I had seen in London. I spent the summer studying how something like this was organized 🤓 and in September I met my cousin Candela (who by the way in the Team section you will get to know her better, now she is part of THE-ARE from Madrid). I said to him: I want to catch the fabrics I have, sew very wearable unique clothes and make a showroom to sell them ... can you help me organize it? So we stayed one afternoon and got to it !!!


2013, if I remember correctly ...

At that time, my father left me a small room in his office and there I began to create my world.

Well, in that office I had the sewing machines and I did everything myself, although I always had the help of my friends for the final touches and to be able to get to everything on time !!


And I say this because I promise you that, since all this began, THE-ARE is that, my world !!

The first Showroom

it was brutal !!


We organize it in my aunt's shop in a fairly central street in Valencia!
We did our first photoshoot with the little things I had sewn. The models were friends and sisters of friends, we improvised in everything, but we did it with enthusiasm and it turned out great!

A lot of people came to meet the brand, everyone loved it ... and I really liked being able to tell you how I made my clothes and what all this trouble I was getting into was like !! 🙈

more and better

After this first showroom, the markets, showrooms, another thousand pop-ups arrived in Madrid, Barcelona, Jávea, Seville ... (I know there are a thousand places to go)

At that time I was still designing one of each garment and sewing them one by one from the studio. The little room became small and I looked for a bigger one, because THE-ARE had grown.
My friends say that THE-ARE is my baby !! 🙈👼🏼 As I was saying, since I started I have lived by and for THE-ARE, to always be able to give you special garments, made with the best quality and I always try to improve in what I do !!


One of the most important moments I experienced at THE-ARE was when we opened the first website! Instantly, you asked us a lot about the clothes I made and you wanted to order from all over Spain. And the truth is that it was very cool to start sending your orders everywhere !!


The influencers had a lot to do here! They discovered us girls like María Pombo, Marta Lozano, Teresa Andrés, Mery Turiel, Teresa Sanz ... they were freaked out by the clothes from the beginning and the fact that THE-ARE was Made in Spain with everything made from scratch, so they wanted to wear our clothes !

** With Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo we even made a collection of jackets and coats in 2015 that you were amazed by !!!
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The openings of our physical stores have also been super key moments and I will tell you everything in the stores section so as not to extend this much longer !! But I anticipate that the stores, like the garments, are made by all of us, from scratch, so I invite you to read it!

4 years later!

Many things have changed: we have moved to a much larger workshop (more than 400m2), we are more people in the team, we have opened new stores and much more! But the essence remains the same: we work hard, 365 days a year to give you the best !!


And the best of all this is how lucky I feel to have been able to count on all of you, who have supported me from the beginning. That is why this year we have chosen the claim “Girls Growing Together”, since it is a quote that defines us perfectly because THE-ARE is what it is now because we have been growing together and I am sure that we will continue to do so!