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Loose Earrings

Discover the Women's Loose Earrings from THE-ARE

Welcome to our exclusive collection of individual earringsthe key piece that will completely transform your style. In this category, you will discover a wide range of selected designs that you can combine in a thousand ways with other piercings or earrings. On THE-ARE we have different designs that will suit you, from shiny earrings, mini earrings or nut earrings so you can wear them very comfortable. We use materials are hypoallergenic quality, such as the 925 Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold Plated, so you can wear them for a long time.

If you are looking for a highrnative to avoid discomfort when sleeping, ear piercings are the perfect choice. At THE-AREyou will discover a wide selection of ear piercings loose earrings with zirconiawhether in bright tones or vibrant colors. From original designs to classic hoops, we offer options for all tastes.

If you prefer to wear loose earrings without piercings, we invite you to discover our ear-cuff. These accessories are fully adjustable, allowing you to wear them without the need for a hole in the ear.

What makes our loose earrings essential? The answer is in the little details. These earrings are designed to match each other, allowing you to create endless combinations. The versatility of these loose earrings allows you to wear them day or night for any occasion.

Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold Plated, Earrings for Everyone.

Our earrings not only stand out for their original designs, but also for the material they are made of, avoiding any allergic reaction as they are made of 925 Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold Plating. We select the best materials to achieve the best results and that they can accompany you for a long time.

In our collection, you will find loose earrings that not only follow the trends, but we also offer timeless designs that complement any look!