Pre-order / On-demand

What does it mean to buy on pre-order?

It means that it is a garment that we are finishing making in our workshop. As you know, we design and make all the garments in our workshops. Buying in PRE-ORDER is a normal purchase, just that the delivery time is a little longer than usual, approximately 7 to 10 days. These garments are usually sold out in a short time, so we recommend buying in pre-order to ensure you do not run out of them. In addition, pre-order orders are shipped in order of purchase, so the sooner you buy it, the sooner you will receive it.

How do I know if a garment is in pre-order?

You will see it indicated on our website, in the purchase button will appear BUY IN PRE-ORDER and a sign indicating that the delivery time will be between 7 and 10 days.

Can I return a pre-ordered garment?

Of course! A pre-order purchase is a normal purchase, therefore, it has the same conditions as the rest of the garments to make changes and returns.

What happens if my order contains several garments, but only some of them are in pre-order?

We try to send the order in a single shipment for logistical reasons, but if you want to receive the garments that are already made and then the pre-order garments, we can make two shipments, so you can enjoy some of them as soon as possible. Simply send us to an email informing us about it (don't forget to tell us your order number).

How does the on-demand purchase work?

Buying ON-DEMAND is buying a product only on demand. The on-demand products will have a certain time to be purchased and, once the on-demand sale is closed, we will start to make them in our workshops. We make the sale on-demand in very exclusive products whose manufacture is more complicated or whose fabric is limited.

We will inform you of the purchase period for the on-demand sale of each product and the time of manufacture and delivery.

Is it possible to return a product when buying on-demand?

Once the on-demand purchase has been made, cancellations cannot be made but returns can be made, following the same conditions as any other product on the web.

Why can I buy the same product on the web with normal delivery or with the 'on-demand' option?

It may be the case that at that moment, we do have stock available of the product in question and, therefore, it is available for immediate delivery (usually within 24/72 hours). In this case, the customer can decide if he/she wants to make a purchase with immediate delivery at full price or an on-demand purchase with your exclusive price.