Cómo Combinar la Gabardina Beige de Mujer

How to Combine Women's Beige Trench Coat

The trench coat is the star of the mid-season season and, even though the trends change every season, the women's trench coat is a must for spring and autumn, which, nowadays, you can have as a key garment in your closet and wear practically all year round. At the-are have been betting for years on this garment as one of the most important as one of the most iconic of each collection. In the casual Spring collection, As You Pleasewe have included the classic light beige trench coata little oversize and with slightly puffed sleeves to follow the trend of the moment.

It is a timeless garment that never goes out of fashion, so investing in it is a very long term bet. If you still do not know how to combine it, we leave you some tips to wear the women's trench coat with style!🔝🔥

How to combine a trench coat?

The best thing about trench coats is the versatility because they combine with absolutely everything and you can wear it with a more or less informal style, depending on the look you want to achieve. From the-are we have designed the women's long beige trench coat "A New Hope" to make it easy to wear and perfect with all your looks. It is a lightweight garment, made of a very pleasant and pleasant to the touch fabric.

For a more formal look, we love the way it looks with a black total look or with garments in the same chromatic range as the trench coat.. Going for similar and neutral tones is a safe bet. If you are looking for an outfit to go to work, you can combine it with black pants or black pencil skirt and a white shirt, adding a few gold jewelry to get your 10 look with trench coat.

Women's beige trench coat made in Spain

🤞🏼TIP!: Mixing garments with similar tones, but of different materials, such as leather pants and a cotton sweater, or a chiffon shirt and jeans is a tip that, once you try it, you will find it hard not to put into practice.

The trench coat is a favorite to complete the most casual looks and give them a more casual look. personality. To play it safe, a basic that never fails: jeans. For the top you can use neutral tones such as gray, white or black. If you want to add a more spring-like touch, the striped sweaters and t-shirts are that print that never goes out of fashion and always brings a fresh air to any look. Do not hesitate to combine colored stripes with your beige trench coat, as we have already said, it is a garment that you will be able to combine literally with T-O-D-O.

Another option is the combination of trench coat with skirt (mini or midi) or with a dress and sneakers or high boots. With a women's beige trench coat the colors that best complement are: brown, black and even reddish tones. By the way, if you choose to wear the trench coat with a dress, try wearing it with this one: See dress😍 .

What color trench coat goes with everything?

If you have not yet joined the team team, a good way to get started is with a trench coat in beige because it's perfect to combine with absolutely everything. And, being honest, once you have one in your hands, you will realize the variety of styles and designs there are: short trench coats, long trench coats, trench coats with lapels, without lapels, trench coats with buttons, without buttons... Having more than one beige trench coat in your closet is completely normal.

To this tone fit everything all kinds of colors, from blacks to reds and brighter or darker colors. It is also a good choice to combine it with garments from floral, stripes or paisleys.y.

Look with beige trench coat

And if you're not into classic, a military green trench coat can be your choice. In addition to being a very flattering color for both brunettes and blondes, it is a perfect color for spring and autumn. A basic look with a green trench coat, becomes a great look, 100% guaranteed!

How to wear our women's long trench coat?

We have designed and made it to be a lightweight garment, easy to wear with everything and also very stylish thanks to its belt. However, as it is a mid-season garment, it is also very stylish thanks to its belt. we recommend wearing it open with the belt tied at the back.. This trench coat will become a closet basic that you will not take off in the days between seasons.















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