Tenemos el look que estabas buscando

We have the look you were looking for

If you have an event nearby where you need a long dress. Stop looking, we have it in THE-ARE. 

Elegant look with a sexy touch

Have you seen our dress Mrs. Perea? A look for long events where you want to be the most ideal guest of the party. Its open back makes it a very special piece and the green crepe color is one of the top colors to wear in the most expected events.




A fashion classic to stylize your looks. This quality of the dress makes you look longer and clearer neckline that gives a sense of continuity. In addition, V-neck dresses are trendy and not only in guest dresses, but also in casual everyday wear.


Upcoming events

The dress Mrs. Perea dress is perfect for any event that requires a long look. For example, your next evening wedding in summer or even autumn. Depending on the city, you can extend the summer a few more months and you could wear this dress as a guest.

Do not forget the long dresses that since a few years ago are a must in the celebrations of many girls. They are usually given at 18th birthday parties where the general protocol can be a long dress for girls and a suit for boys. And if you are the protagonist of the party, nothing better than a great look in green with a touch of green. softWe love it!

How to combine it?

The golden color is a very good choice for accessories. The total look with bag, shoes or jewelry in gold tones make the perfect combination for you to be the guest or protagonist of the most top party.






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