Consejos para Comprar en Rebajas

10 Tips to Succeed in Sales

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year: thesummer sales.Could there be anything better than going on a shopping spree? Yes, do it at a discount!😎You can spend the same money and buy many more things. So... it's the perfect time to renew your wardrobe and get those clothes from your favorite brand that you've been wanting for a long time.

InTHE-AREIf we like something, it is to share with you all our tricks. In sales we are experts, so pay attention to these10 tips🔝that will help you make the most of the discounts!!

1. What to buy on sale?

Sales are also the time to take risks and reinvent our style, but don't be tempted.make a listwith the garments you want and do not forget to include theaccessories. It will be easier for you to list the clothes in order of priority to go directly to them. It also helps to mark you afixed budgetto spend, so you will know what your limit is and you will organize yourself much better.

2. Renew your wardrobe

A good wardrobe cleaning is always good before starting the sales. I'm sure you have clothes in your closet that you've used so much that you need to renew them, take advantage. Donate them, give them away or sell them, but remember that sales are a good time toget basic qualitythat you have not been able to buy in another season. Jeans, a white shirt ora black dressare some of the essentials for a good wardrobe.

Short Black Dress SaleTHE-ARE
Far West Dress,Before €55.95. Now €39.95

3. Invest in Made in Spain brands

Bet on those brands that usually have a higher price because it is very worth it!✌🏼Succeeding in sales is also buyingquality clothes at a good price, you know that they will last for years in your wardrobe and investing in them is investing in the long term.

4. Look at your schedule

This time is perfect to get ahead andbuy for your next events: Communions, Weddings, Baptisms, New Year's Eve, Trips... So open your agenda and think about what you need. It is also the time to get ahead of thebirthdayand make some other gift🎁with little budget.

graduation look

Discover our Guest Collection with SALES!

5. Do not play it and make sure

Waiting for prices to drop further is a good technique, but it doesn't always work. we all love thesecond salesand it is true that sometimes you find real bargains, but here comes the BIG PROBLEM: your size does not fit!😭. That's why you have to secure the pitch and anticipate the end of stock. If you know that a garment is going to be successful, run andget it NOW!  

6. Bikinis are never enough

What garment can not miss in summer? Of course the bikinis and swimsuits. Beach, pool, water parks, boat... For all those plans and moreyou need to expand your collectionand get rid of those bikinis that have stretched rubber😅enter ourbathroom collection on saleand choose which one you will carry in your suitcase this vacation!! By the way, are youteambikini or swimsuit?

Green Bikini with High Waisted Briefs

The model wears theBikini Fee, now reduced!!

7. Use filters (and not Instagram🤪)

When you enter online stores, remember to use the web filters and sort and discard thegarments by size or by price,so only the clothes that serve you will appear. This will save you time and hassle, believe me.

8. Green light for Caprichos!!

Leave a margin for those whims, because yes, we know that it is difficult to resist temptation. If you see certain garments or items that, although they are more expensive, you know that you are going to get the most out of them, you havegreen light to give you a craving! 

Short Guest Dress

TheMrs. Morgan dressIt's one of your favourites: it's versatile, comfortable and every time it comes back you rock it!!🔥

9. Buy alone or accompanied?

We could do a survey of who prefers to buy alone or accompanied, and both have their good and bad sides. We are 100% committed to going with friends and spending theshopping day, seems like a plan to us. And don't forget, obligatory stop in ourstores!! What do you prefer, go alone or accompanied?

10. Follow the brand on their networks

That's right, there are brands like us🙈they usually communicateexclusive promotionson their social networks. InTHE-AREwe love to talk with you and make the occasional surprise with our followers. Follow us on our Instagram@thearecomand don't miss anything!!

Now that you know these tips, you're ready tosucceed in salessummer and make the most of the discounts!🤞🏼  

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