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5 Purposes of the Spanish Fashion Firm THE-ARE

Hello girls! Many of you already know us and know our story, you follow us and support us day by day and we are infinitely grateful for that. This time we want to talk to you a little bit more closely and and share with you a little piece of the heart of the-are. For those of you who don't know us yet, we are sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful story of friendship.🤞🏼.

Isn't it true that we all set goals every day? Go to the gym more, eat healthier, have more time for ourselves, travel? the-are is just one more. So we have also made our list of resolutions we want to keep. Can you help us cross them off?😉 Without you it would be totally impossible.


The reason for our designs is you, we always think about how we are going to accompany you in your plans: meeting with friends, wedding or afternoon at the beach and whatever comes up. We love to see you on the street with our bags or sweeping with our looks in the networks. Just like you inspire us, we want our clothes to inspire you to be whoever you want to be. regardless of the opinion of others.


Summer knitwear ensemble


Discover the outfit she wears!🙈


For us it is very important to maintain the connection that we have built between you, the girls who trust us. the-are. You are all part of who we are. We want to occupy a special place in your closet, but not only that, also in your memories and experiences. We are like that best friend who listens to you and advises you. Write us whenever you want to our Instagram!

Original Women's Sweatshirts


Since 2012 we have been getting bigger, but despite all that we have grown, our heart is still in Valencia, the workshop from where we design and make all our clothes and that you receive in your home with lots of love! We don't put limits or frontiers in our clothes, we want to eat the world! But we promise never to lose our essence. Tell us, do yourom where do you visit usWe read you in comments👇🏼.
We are not satisfied! We are constantly learning, and one of our objectives is to innovate. in search of more sustainable alternatives in terms of fabrics and their use.creating more daring and unique designs, adapting trends to our personality. We learn from ourselves, from our strengths and weaknesses and we also learn from you... We listen to you to keep improving every day.


For us, fashion is more than dressing... It is a passion, it is a way of feeling and a way of communicating.That's why our collections are always accompanied by a message. We don't just design clothes, we seek to provoke emotions and be part of your lives. Do you want to see how we have revolutionized casual fashion? Check out our new spring clothing collection, where we encourage you to dress as you please, through fashion you can be whoever you want to be 🦋.As You Please🦋

Women's Spring Clothing

Discover the Casual Spring Collection

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