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Bikinis and Swimsuits that suit your Body Type

The first rays of sunshine arrive and the search for the perfect swimsuit begins and, although sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of models, colors and trends, there is the key to finding the ideal one: know your body and know what suits you best. That's why, towever your body type, we help you find your perfect bikini.THE-ARE bikini with this ultimate guide!

How to choose your bikini according to your body type?

The secret is to choose the swimsuit that best suits your body type. suits your body and that you feel beautiful and comfortable in.. It is not about bikini operations, but to accept our body and know how to accentuate the parts we want to highlight and hide those imperfections.There are 5 types of silhouettes and for each one of themwe advise you the best bikini or swimsuit for each of them. Swimwear Collection depending on your body type, ready to start?

How to Choose the Best Bikini for the Hourglass Body

The hourglass body type has shoulders and hips that are aligned and a narrower waist. They have the advantage that any bikini or swimsuit will flatter them, so we advise you to choose one model or another depending on the part of the body you want to highlight. For this, choose bold prints or vibrant colors that accentuate your figure. At the top you can choose any type of top: triangle, bandeau or balconette. While at the bottom, it is a good choice to opt for Brazilian knickers or with bows on the sides.

Whether you are from the team bikini or swimsuit, for this collection we have designed the I Did It Again swimsuit, with which you will be able to you will have 2 swimsuits in 1You can wear it as a bikini or trikini depending on how you fasten the straps on the sides.Discover it!

You have a whole selection of bikinis perfect for you here!

Bikini for Hourglass Body

The model in the image is the Twenties Bikiniwear it with the matching sarong!

👉🏼 Psss... Remember that all bikinis are combinable. You can choose a top of one size and the bottom of another to get the perfect bikini!

This body type is characterized by round shoulders and wider hips and back with an under defined waist. So the key is defining the waist and for this, high-waist briefs are the most flattering. For the top, go for swimsuits that have good support in the chest and avoid mini or bandeau style bikinis.

Your best option is to opt for small or vertical prints that visually elongate your figure. However, the horizontal ones have the complete opposite result.

For you, we have designed different models, among them the Blossom Swimsuit with a small flower print and gathered side straps to make it very stylish and you can adjust it to your size.

Apple Body Bikini

This selection of bikinis and swimsuits is for you!

Triangle Body What kind of bikini suits wide hips?

The triangle body shape is characterized by shoulders that are narrower than the hips and usually has legs that are wider than the rest of the body. For any body type the secretis invisually harmonizing the body parts and to make it look balanced.

In this body type, the key will be to enhance the top of the body to create an optical effect of more volume and opt for a simple bikini bottom and avoid adjustable ties on the hips. We recommend bandeau bikinis (best asymmetrical) that highlight the chest as the model Nickname available in ruby red and green!

Triangle Body Bikini

TIP: To lengthen your legs, try wearing Brazilian or high leg bikini bottoms for an infinite legs effect!

Here are the models of THE-ARE that will flatter you a thousand times! Enter now and get your perfect size.

Inverted Triangle TypeHow to choose the bikini that best suits an athletic body?

The opposite version of the triangle figure. These bodies tend to have wider shoulders than hips and usually slimmer legs. This body is usually found in people who tend to exercise with a focus on the upper torso or who do athletics.

In these cases, we advise you toto focus onwaist and hips with knotted or voluminous panties.and go forlight tones. While at the top, to conceal the dimensions of broad shoulders, go for triangle tops and thin straps that will also emphasize your neckline.

Do not forget to add to your beach look a sarong (especially those that tie at the hip) as it is one of the elements that attracts the most attention at the bottom.

Find the bikinis to highlight your hips!

Inverted Triangle Bikini Body Shapewear

The model is wearing this bikini!😍 Buy it now!

Rectangle body type Which bikini to choose to accentuate the waist?

You have this body type if your hips and shoulders have similar measurements and your waist is not very defined.Ideally, you should opt for bikinis or swimsuits that accentuate your waist and add volume at the top and bottom for a more defined waist. markhips and shoulders. 

Therefore, your best option are trikinis or bikinis with long straps that tie around your waist. Opt fortriangle top to counteract the size of the shoulders and you can opt for geometric prints or bright colors like fuchsia, electric blue or red. If you are on the swimsuit team, you have to get one of these swimsuits. trikini because the effect cut out effect on the sides will define your waist and create the optical effect of curves. The dark colors are a must have to add to your bathroom collection!

Beach or Pool? Discover the model you will wear!

Rectangle Body Bikini

The trikini worn by the model is the Palm Trees and it fits B-R-U-T-A-L!


You can find here all our Swimwear Collection. Remember to tag us in your summer photos on Instagram at @thearecom. We can't wait to see you wearing these bikinis and swimsuits better than anyone else!❤️

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