Cómo Aprovechar al Máximo el Black Friday en Ropa de Mujer

How to Make the Most of Black Friday on Women's Apparel

The countdown to Black Friday begins and this year 2022 coincides with next Friday, November 25. The well-known 'Black Friday' is one of the most important events of the year to make the most of sales and discounts on women's clothing.

Many of you who follow us on Instagram are looking forward to Black Friday and we are not lying when we say you are not the only ones!!!🙊 At THE-ARE if there is something we like is to share with all of you our tricks, so here we leave you5 keys to succeed on Black Friday 2022!! 

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1. Make a wishlist with Women's Clothing for Black Friday

Once the discounts start, we find it hard to contain our desire to buy, so it is essential to make a wishlist of list with the garments we want to buy during Black Friday and stick to it. But be careful, we can also allow ourselves some other whim like those clothes that you do not need but you have been thinking about it for a long time and now you can have them at a discount. In fact, Black Friday is the time of the year when (usually) everything has more discounts than ever!
Black Friday Wish List
✨TIP: We have created the wishlist to make sure you don't forget anything 🤞!🏼 Take a screenshot with your phone and fill it in your notes with the clothes you want. We recommend you to list them in order of priority so that when Black Friday arrives you go straight for them.

2. Get a head start on December by buying gifts on Black Friday

Plan your Black Friday shopping taking into account everything that is coming up in December: Christmas gifts, invisible friends, company parties, long weekends and trips, meetings with friends... These are just some of the plans that will accompany us during the month of December, not to mention the look you're going to choose to wear on New Year's Eve. That's why it's important that in your wishlist include those clothes that you are going to wear to those plans or that you want to give as a gift to buy on Black Friday at a discount.

Black Friday Shopping

3. Dresses on Black Friday, what to buy?

We never tire of repeating that the sales are the perfect time to invest in quality garments at a good price that become true jewels in our closet. Support the brands that usually have a higher price for its seal made in Spain and bet on buying quality and do not look so much in quantity.

Black Friday Dresses
The dress is the model Don't Ask Why and it is available in two colors!

During Black Friday we find the best deals on timeless basics that will last for years in your closet such as shirts, sweatshirts or pants. It's also the perfect opportunity to get those dresses that you know you're going to use in your everyday style or to get ready for winter with coats, jackets or knitted sweaters, infallible for cold days.

4. Follow the 30/3 rule

To choose what you are going to buy and what you are not going to buy, it is important what you are going to use it for and if it is really a whim or a necessity. For that, we use the 30-day rule and 3 combinations. It consists in that the garment or accessory that is going to fall in our shopping cart you can wear it in the next 30 days and that it has at least three possible ways to combine with our daily looks. This way we make sure that we are going to get the most out of our purchases.

Black Friday Women's Clothing

This is the knitted set Shades of Me and we love it because, besides being super comfortable, it combines with absolutely everything and you can wear it together or separately, as you like! Check it on your Black Friday list!❤️

5. Follow the brand closely

Instagram is the most powerful tool to save all the looks you've booked in the last few months. Therefore, we recommend that the weeks leading up to Black Friday you enter the Instagram profiles of influencers or brands like us.🙈 that inspire you to wear and save their publications.
THE-ARE Women's Clothing
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