Cómo debe vestir la hermana de la novia

How should the bride's sister dress?

The wedding of a brother or sister is a very important moment in which getting the styling right becomes a necessity. Getting to dazzle and capture all eyes without detracting attention from the bride and groom is a challenge to be overcome by the sisters of the bride and groom.

Without pressure, a countdown begins in which to look for the perfect dress, find the accessories that fit and decide the type of hairstyle and makeup you are going to wear. The sisters of the bride and groom have a special role to play on the wedding day, especially when they serve as maid of honor or godmother.

At the-are we are experts in dressing all kinds of guests, from special days to weddings and graduations. One of the things we like most about what we do, besides seeing you look great with our designs, is to be able to advise and advise you on your styling. That's why today we answer one of the questions you ask us the most: I am the sister of the bride, how should I dress?

1. Be true to your style

In this type of celebrations we must avoid feeling 'disguised' with what others think favors us, so do not fall into the mistake of wearing what others want you to wear. It is a day in which to shine you must feel like yourself and whatever you choose must make you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. And to this, add the hairstyle, makeup and accessories. In any case, keep in mind that attitude is the most important thing to wear any style.

 Long Dress for Sister of the Bride

The model wears the Mrs. Suarez dressan elegant option for bridesmaids, witnesses and sisters of the bride.

2. Remember it's not your time

It is an essential day for your sister or brother and, although you are going to live with them many emotions, remember that the protagonists are the bride and groom.Therefore, the look that you wear has to beaccording to the style, time and place of the celebration. chosen by the couple. Moreover, it will be much easier for you to get it right taking into account these factors. For example, if the wedding takes place outdoors, forget about sequins and go for other types of more fluid designs.Remember: simplicity is an added value when you are a guest, especially if you are the sister.

 Green Midi Dress with Long Sleeves for Guests

The look in the image is the Mrs. M dressontoya dress, combined with our joy bag bag andgolden sandals platform sandals.

3. Take into account all the details

In recent years, there are fewer and fewer weddings that have rigid protocols for dress, having more freedom to choose styles, cuts or colors of dresses and accessories for guests. It opens a range of possibilities in which the sisters can choose any type of look, succumbing to any of the following trends of the season or being faithful to your own style. That's right, pay special attention to the dress chosen by the bride so as not to repeat the model. If the bride wears a sweetheart neckline, try to choose a different one.

Burgundy Long Wedding Dress
Mrs. Herce is a cross dress with an elegant V-neckline that looks great especially if the guest has a large chest.

4. Don't set limits

Your perfect look may or may not appear in the first store you enter... or not, but the important thing is try and search without giving up. Maybe there are things that a priori you think do not fit your style, but when you try them on they surprise you for the better.

Wedding Guest Dress

The essential thing is to try on different alternatives so that when you find the right one you feel beautiful and confident with your choice. You will know you have found the right one when you look in the mirror and can only imagine yourself wearing it on that special day.

5. The two great allies

Simplicity and comfort are the two key words that you always have to keep in mind when it comes to dress, and is that the 'less is more' is applicable to any proposal of guest. Along with simplicity, comfort is an essential value to enjoy the event without worries. It is advisable to go for comfortable shoes, a design that fits your silhouette and allows you to dance the night away.

 Garnet Midi Wedding Dress

We hope our advice has been helpful!!! But... if you are still undecided, do not hesitate to contact us through our social networks, Instagram y Tik Tok or through our customer service channels.

In addition, you can try on all our guest dresses in our storesWe will be happy to advise you to choose together the best look!😊 

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