Cómo hacer el cambio de armario

How to change your closet

With fall approaching, it's time to start thinking about making the dreaded seasonal closet change. Tt's time to say goodbye to shorts and welcome knit sweaters and fall print dresses, put away the bikinis and make room for coats. From the-arewe give you 5 tricks to make the closet change and not die in the attemptRead on!

1. Choose the right day and the right time

It's all about attitude, so set aside a day when you have time and can do it without rushing. Put on some background music to make it more bearable!
Closet change

2. Organize your clothes in three groups

The time of the closet change will allow you to see everything you have. Divide your clothes into three piles: on the one hand, what you want to keep, what you haven't worn for a long time and, on the other hand, what you want to give away, donate or retire.
How to organize your closet

3. Apply the 30 times rule

 Sometimes we find it hard to get rid of some clothes, but ask yourself the following question: How many times am I going to wear it? If the answer is less than 30 times, then the best thing to do is to vacate that space in the closet and give it to someone who will use it.
How to optimize closet space
Before storing the garments, we recommend washing and ironing them so that they will be in good condition the following year. Store them in cloth bags so that they do not catch odors and are better preserved. In another post, we will tell you how to store your bikinis and swimsuits!

4. Sort your clothes by categories

Keep your spring summer clothes that you are going to keep by type of garment, once you have done this it is time to organize your fall winter clothes. In this step it is very important to separate by categories each of the garments (coats, jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants...).How to organize your closet

5. Follow the Marie Kondo technique

It is important to define where we are going to place each category (coats, shirts, dresses, pants ...). To make the most of the space, you can use the Marie Kondo technique and keep in drawers those clothes that do not need to be hung like t-shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts.
Coats, jackets, shirts and dresses will hang.
How to Organize Clothes according to the Marie Kondo Technique
EXTRA TIP! Umethod that gives a lot of harmony to your closet, is to sort by color and according to the height of the garments.. This will make it easier for you to find combinations. Put bags and shoes on shelves to prevent them from getting damaged and losing their original shape.How to Organize Clothes in the Closet
And finally, we didn't want to finish without mentioning the @tamaracalvo.opan expert in bringing order to our lives with her super useful tips on how to organize spaces, highly recommended!
And yes girls, we know that the change of closet can become heavy, but if you dedicate the necessary time and follow these 5 tips you will find it much easier to choose your day to day looks. Now you know... Let's get to work!💪🏼
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