Cómo vestir en una Boda según mi cuerpo

How to Dress for an Event by Body Type

Girls! This is one of the things you ask us the most... "What do you recommend if I am...". We know that trends come and go, they can be more or less popular, but one of the keys to dress well timelessly is to know our proportions and to know our know what type of garments suit us best according to our body type.especially to choose guest lookWe can choose clothes that we are not used to wear on a day to day basis. Be careful, this does not prevent you from wearing other clothes, wear anything that you feel beautiful and confident.

One of the dilemmas we face when we have a wedding, graduation, communion or any event is: What are we going to wear. So, in order to make your choice easier, we have elaborated an guide to know what look to wear to a wedding, graduation, communion or any event. the-are suits you according to your body type.. Find the perfect guest look with these tips!

How do I know how to dress according to my body?

It is important to find a balance of volumes with which we feel favored. Therefore, before choosing a garment and get carried away by its print, design or fabric, it is important to identify your figure. There are 5 types of feminine silhouettes and for each of them we have found the perfect look with which you will feel comfortable.

Pear or Triangle body type: What type of clothes should I wear if I have wide hips?

This body type is characterized by hips that are wider than the shoulders. It is easy to identify as they tend to have legs a little wider than the rest of the body and narrower shoulders.

If you are one of the lucky ones to enjoy curvy hips, we recommend you to enhance them with a tight jumpsuit in the waist part and visually balance the silhouette silhouette by adding a little volume at the top.

This jumpsuit has an asymmetrical gathered neckline which visually gives more dimension to the shoulders. The elephant leg pants are your ally. Combine it with one of our platform sandals for endless legs!

Guest Looks for Pear Body Types

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Inverted Triangle Body: ¿How to look like you have more hips?

The opposite version of the triangle figure: shoulders wider than the hips. In these cases, we advise you to highlight the waist and hips by adding volume. or betting on light tones. Also, a good option is to include in your look accessories that focus attention on the hip, for example, a belt or even wear a clutch in hand

What kind of pants should I wear if I don't have hips? We recommend wearing tight pants with darts. This detail will help you to have more volume in the hips and, for an extra effect, go for light pants. You will love the pants Mrs. Bieber. *At the top the Ariadna blouse*

Triangle Body Shape Guest Looks

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Rectangle body: How to dress when you don't have a waist?

If your hips and shoulders are aligned and you have a small waist, this is your body type.Ideally, you should opt for garments that highlight your waist and create curves and volumes for your body type. accentuate your hips and shoulders. 

Opt for printed garments, short blouses and high-waist pants will be very flattering. On top, volumes and necklines will create an hourglass illusion. Can one garment have all this? The answer is: YES! At the-are we have created the perfect jumpsuit to enhance your curves and make the most of your silhouette! Discover the jumpsuit Mrs. Cooper.

Rectangle Body Guest Looks

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Hourglass Body: How to get an hourglass figure?

We would say that visually they are the most balanced since the measurements of the hips and bust are equal, with a narrow waist. Come on, it's what we know as the 90-60-90 body. And hey, even if you have other measurements, as long as they are balanced with each other, your body would still be hourglass.

To highlight the hourglass figure avoid oversize garments and choose clothes that emphasize your curves. At the-are we've made it easy for you, with the Mrs. Lewis set you will get the most out of your silhouette. And if you are not of this teamit doesn't matter, because with this outfit you'll be able to enhance your hourglass figure!

Hourglass Body Guest Look

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You can also sign up in your your list of good things to wear: long dresses with flounce, tight skirts and pants, blouses with back neckline and volume in the sleeves and garments that show a little waist.

Apple silhouette: How to dress an oval-shaped body?

The apple body shape is characterized by a body with curves whose waist is little marked and have a little tummy.

In general, the dresses will be very flattering for you and more if they have a belt or a loop that fits your waist. Choose smooth and light fabrics such as chiffon and avoid too wide garments, we do not want to create more volume but to balance the silhouette. V-necklines or V-necks are more stylish.

For you, we have designed thedresses Mrs. Cruz, very elegant and simple that you can reuse in more than one occasion!

Apple Body Guest Look

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Enter our website and discover the complete guest collection "Sentir".. If you have any questions or need any advice, write us in comments, we love to read and advise you!

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