El bañador reductor más top del verano

The top slimming swimsuit of the summer

We have it in THE-ARE!

And it's not just us who say so, but the magazine says so. Marie Claire. The media assures us that it is the best swimsuit to mark the perfect silhouette and be comfortable this summer.

The slimming swimsuits are very very good and tend to reduce especially the abdomen area. At this time of the year many girls are looking for the feeling of a swimsuit that holds well and flatters our curves. We have found it!


Double function swimsuit

Have you ever thought about it? Turn a swimsuit into a bodysuit. In the end, swimwear seems that we can only use them during the summer months but what if in autumn we use the swimsuit with a long jeans? Look great! This way we have a versatile garment and we can get more out of it than we imagined.


Lanai Swimsuit

Our swimsuit combines white and black to give it an elegant and timeless style. Its pattern is suitable forall body typesand one of the most stylizing of this collection thanks to the sash adjustable back with lacing.

In addition, the wide straps and the sash make it perfect for those who have a large chest as you will have more support and comfort. The swimsuit has a lining to stylize your figure at all times and Brazilian knickers


A unique collection

Have you seen all our swimsuits? Whatever your style, we've got brutal swimsuits for this summer. In all colors and shapes to enjoy all the great swimsuits that await you these weeks, take a look at our website!


And if you have a store near you, you can try them on there. Click here here to find out where to find our points of sale.


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