Este vestido lo necesita Marta Pombo en su boda

This dress is needed by Marta Pombo at her wedding

We have the ideal look for the wedding of Marta Pombo. And I don't mean for the guest! I mean for the bride! 🤞🏻

Finalizing details for the big day

Last week Maria Pombo, her sister, accompanied Marta to her dress fitting and we are sure it is going to be ideal. The countdown for this very special day has begun as the wedding is scheduled for the October 21st. What a thrill!!!!!

The truth is that Luis and Marta boast an unconditional love and a true relationship from the beginning. You already know that in THE-ARE we love such beautiful stories and we have followed it very closely.💘

An ideal couple, simple and fun. We remember when Luis asked her to marry him and it was very top. As Marta told in social networks, it was in the morning, having breakfast and after Luis appeared with a rose and a Kinder Bueno. It was at that moment when he got down on one knee and asked for her hand. Very intimate and exciting!


Do you know how Marta and Luis met?

The first time they met was in 2018, at a shoot they organized with their clothing brand in Bilbao. Luis is from there and he modeled the day of the shoot. Love at first sight! Since then, Marta started to enjoy every day with him and they got to know each other little by little, until today they already form a family together with Matilda and Gaia🐶💛 (the little dog that has been with Marta for several years).


What will Marta's dress be like?

A princess style dress, a more romantic look, a fitted mermaid dress, a two-piece ensemble?

We can't tell you for sure what the first dress will be when they say "I do". What we can tell you is what our proposal is for the second look of the wedding. Our dress Mrs. Adana 🫶🏻

An elegant look for an unforgettable occasion. Undoubtedly, to dance and enjoy every second of the party on your wedding day, it is ideal. The fabric is made of white satin and is perfect for highlight the brocade on those days when we come back from vacation and the tan lasts on our skin.


What do you think? Shall we send the dress to Marta? We are sure she will love it.



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