Hi Barbie! Marketing en el momento justo

Hi Barbie! Marketing at the right time

It is clear that the phenomenon Barbie has been a success. Not only because of the premiere of the movie, but also because of all the movement that has been created in the last month. The color pink has invaded the heart of THE-ARE and I imagine that it has also found its way into your closet and into your looks this summer.


Pink Power

The pink color has prevailed in the looks of these past weeks. Obvious, at the premiere of the movie and the campaign that has been created prior to the event, but there is something behind all this that has entered our subconscious. It seemed like Barbie was simply a doll, a toy brand, but no. I'm sure that now every time you see something pink you relate it to Barbie and before it didn't cross your mind.

This relationship may be due to the fact that the media and social networks have been filled with pink looks and we have been bombarded (in a good way) with Barbie messages. Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm sure you've seen many influencers with their Barbie looks. And if you haven't yet, here are some that we have loved.












Just in time

At THE-ARE We love this, you know what I mean? It's about creating the necessary content according to the consumer's needs. For example, I don't know if you remember our campaign of Rebajasin January, following the song "Pa tipos como tu" by Shakira.

A publication that we adapted to our campaign and which had a reach of more than 300K. The benefits of this strategy are brutal, since it allows us to communicate with you in a way that engages and also generates a lot of interaction through comments, likes and saves.

Concretely, with this publication we got almost 15K accounts interacting and 13926 likes. Bravo to Shakira and her great song! Thanks to this song and its lyrics, the team of Marketing team was able to create an on-the-spot strategy to make it a hit during the sales months. Success team!


Just in time with Barbie

Now that you know what I'm talking about, you will understand that we were not going to be left behind with the Barbie phenomenon. So we were attentive to the trends, songs and events that were created around this movement.

For example, the worldwide hit of the 90's "Barbie Girl"created by the group Aqua has risen from the ashes and become a TikTok anthem. Everything comes back and the songssongs, too.

See here everything we published!


Mattlethe company that manufactures Barbie, has dyed the marketing marketing in pink, so social networks have been THE-ARE have also been dyed in the fashionable color.

Through content on Instagram y TikTok we have managed to add to the content more trend before the premiere of the movie and we were at the exact moment to analyze the looks of our favorite influencers at the event.


Our allies? The influencers

Like alwaysWe love to create content with them and learn about their daily lives. We have always been a brand friendly and we manage to maintain this differential value with our girls.

After the premiere of Barbie, we decided to create content with looks and moments from the photocall. For example, we decided to propose to Maria Pombo y Pablo Castellanos as our Spanish Barbie and Ken couple. A great couple! Posting content about a topic that most profiles on TikTok or Instagram are talking about, favors us and the famous algorithm rewards us for appearing in more profiles and getting the engagement we need.

Click to see the publication!


This way, you can see our very top posts and comment your opinion, save the content if you love it to repeat it, share it or just to see it again. We are very cracks in this aspect (among many others) 🤞.🏻

The icing on the cake? Accompanying a visual content with a good copy or text that hooks you and makes you stay to watch the video. At TikTok it is not enough to upload a video with trending musicWe need to know what you are thinking so we can give you what you need and you can enjoy everything we publish.


More success stories

I guess you know that we have dressed in many occasions to the Infanta Sofia. Well, we are very, very proud of the fact that the Rea Housel chooses our looks for the most special events. One of our most important messages is the Made in Spain and we continue to fight for all our garments to be produced in Spain. This motive has influenced the choice of a fashion brand to dress the Infanta and we celebrate it every day, because it is the result of much effort and dedication.

The last publication we made in TikTok about the outfit Mrs. Vega was a great success since it was the Infanta's choice for her sister's graduation, the Princess Leonor. We "seize" the occasion to remember how we made this look along with images of the special day for the Royal Family.

Watch the video here on TikTok!


The publication got more than 40K of reproductions on TikTok and 2.1 million views on Instagram. Reach skyrocketed to almost 2 million accounts and we got up to 55338 likes on the video.


These great moments allow us to continue creating original content and differentiate ourselves by how we act on the Social Networking. We can say that we have a great team and we manage to be at the right time to publish what our followers are looking for and in this we are still the best. 24/7 in networks? Yes, we are🙈

If you want to know everything we do and find out how we do it every time we join an action, pay attention to our profiles of Instagram y TikTok








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