Looks Cómodos para ir a Clase

Comfortable Looks for Class

September is synonymous with getting back to the routine and, although we love the summer heat, we were already starting to miss the colder days and getting back to wearing layers, knitted sweaters and warm garments.
For us, as for many, September is like the beginning of a new year, with new resolutions and new opportunities to innovate with our style. We know how difficult it is to get back to the routine and wake up every morning thinking about what we are going to wear. To make your decision easier, we have selected5 looks of the-are to go comfortable and stylish to class or to the office.

What to wear to college?

How many times have you been late for class because you couldn't decide what to wear?outfit? We've all suffered that style block, so we're going to give you 3 tips that will help you avoid those moments of frustration.

1. Your greatest allies when you don't know what to wear are basic garments. Opt for some jeans, a simple blouse or a white shirt.These are timeless and versatile garments that are worth investing in as you will get a lot of use out of them.

2. When in doubt, choose a dress or jumpsuitbecause with just one garment you have a stylish total look to go to class. For us they have become an essential in our closet. Now the dilemma is: Monkey or dress? You who team are you?

3. Play with layers and accessories. The accessories are the finishing touch to any look and are indispensable: earrings, necklaces, belts ... But not all at once! Add a winter touch to your look with a denim jacket, a trench coat, a scarf or brown ankle boots.

How to dress well for class?

Basics can save any look. For exampleblouses and shirts are garments that are always good to have as closet basics. If you go for a basic look and you think it looks a little flat, turn to accessories. If on the other hand you feel like taking a risk with printed garments and you don't know how to combine them, it will look great with a white or black top. And lhe same happens if what stands out is the upper part; ablack pants or jeans go with almost anything..

We have chosen these 5 ideal looks to go to class that will serve as inspiration for you for dress well from Monday to Friday.They arecomfortable, versatile and stylish! 

Monday's look: Comfortable and stylish

We know that Mondays are tough, but if you wear the perfect outfit it's even better. So we have chosen the Artsy dress dress combined with a pair of All Star high top sneakers and the star accessory to go to the university will be the shopper bag

Tuesday's look: Basics with a twistcool

We've made it through Monday, and Tuesday comes with a look that is also very comfortable, combining the blouse Everyday Lifeblouse, a white blouse with a very flattering V-neckline and the Aesthetic pants designed in a stretch knit with a super trendy geometric print.

Wednesday Look: Casual & Comfy

Dresses to go to class or to college

Halfway through the week and it already feels like Thursday, so we went for a black and white flowy dress with pant lining. This is the kind of dress that you get up, put on some black boots and a bag and perfect for any plan! The dress is our model Kiss & Go.

Thursday's look: Ready for anything that comes up

Casual Look with Black Dress and Trench Coat

For many known as 'juernes', so maybe after school you meet your friends for a drink. That's why we've chosen the infallible black Far West dressblack dress, although the key to this look is undoubtedly her beige trench coat. A New Hope.

Friday Look: The weekend is here!

Women's Friday Look

We've chosen this look to wear to class, work or after work! Our jumpsuit Howdy jumpsuit has everything to be a match at first sight: its color, its pattern and its fabric. To give volume to the look we have opted to add a layer, in this case the black denim jacket Most Wanted.

We are sure that with these outfits your return to routine won't be so hard! New looks for the first time with our collection Back To School!😊😊

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