Vestidos de Invitada para Bodas de Septiembre

Perfect Looks for September Weddings

September marks the return of events and one of the things we get asked the most these days for networks is... "What should I wear to a wedding in September?"

You know we love to advise you as one more friend, so, if you have an event or celebration coming up and you still don't know what look to wear... Not to brag, but... sure we can help you!😜 Our safest bet?dresses! They are versatile, comfortable and there are thousands of options: long, short, asymmetrical neckline, cut out .... So pay attentionto these perfect designs for September weddings, find out which one you will wear!👇🏼

Dress Long at a Wedding

Long Dresses for Guests
The long dress is one of the garments that are reserved for weddings. for afternoon and evening weddings. Therefore, we recommend you to go for dark colors such as purple, navy blue or nude colors. With the dress Mrs. Moss you won't need more than a few gold accessories and a clutch in complementary tones.

Simple and sophisticated dresses for all types of weddings.

Midi Dress for September Wedding Guests
Few options are as elegant as the chiffon dress.😍 This is our bet to demonstrate the power of 'less is more', what do you think? Blue and pink are the colors of the seasonand since we couldn't decide which one is our favorite, we designed the dress Mrs. Winslet in these two shades and you are loving them!❤️ It has a side slit that lengthens the legs a lot... Amazing how good it looks!

Skirt and Blouse for a Morning Wedding

Women's Wedding Top & Skirt Set

At first glance it may look like a dress, but it is actually a two piece consisting of top and skirt. The advantage of the of two-piece guest outfits is that they aresuper versatile and easy to reuse for more occasions after the wedding. You can wear each of the garments together or separately and create a more or less casual look🔝

Satin Dresses for Morning, Afternoon or Evening Weddings

Satin Guest Dresses
For those weddings that take place at the end of the vacations, there is nothing better than betting on pastel shades and satin fabrics that highlight the tan. that we have worked so hard throughout the summer.☀️
*From left to right: Mrs. Abril dress y Mrs. Taylor dress.

Trendy Patterned Wedding Dresses

Printed Wedding DressesDon't be afraid to take a risk, go for printed designs. The midi cut is ideal for both day and evening weddings. As you already know September is a month in which the weather is unpredictableso don't forget to keep an eye on the weather! If it cools down, go for a dress of French or long sleeve dress.
*From left to right: Mrs. Kent dress, Mrs. Collins Dress y Mrs. Andrews Dress.

Elegant Short Dresses for Weddings

Short Guest Dresses
For weddings where you can wear short dresses, take advantage of it! Since it's a formal event, thehe ideal is not to subtract too many centimeters to your look. To offset the silhouette, you can opt for a more closed neckline such as the asymmetrical neckline or crossover of the most flattering for guests.
*From left to right: People I Love DressDress Mrs, Danceand and Dress Mrs. Morgan.

Red Wedding Guest Dresses for Weddings
Long Red Wedding Dresses

One of the safe bets to be the perfect guest is to bet on the color red, a color that isclassic that never fails 🤞🏼 For the bridesmaids, witnesses, sisters or mothers of the bride these designs are ideal for weddings: they are long, red, have asymmetrical neckline and a and a super pronounced slit opening in the leg. With these dresses you only need long earrings and a simple handbag, can you imagine yourself wearing it at your event? We can!
*From left to right: Mrs. Harper dress y Mrs. Brown dress
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