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Guest Jumpsuits: How to Make a Splash at Your Event

More and more of you guests are choosing to wear jumpsuits to your upcoming parties because, in a single garment, we find the comfort and elegance that we are looking for for events. However, they are also garments that cause us many doubts: for what kind of events can I wear them? how can I combine them? day or night? So, girls, do not worry because we give you these tips on how to wear them in an event our guest jumpsuits!

1. Party jumpsuits for weddings, graduations or communions

One of the trends that is sweeping for events are the jumpsuits. They have become the perfect choice forkey garment that every guest should have in her closet. because they are perfect to wear to any kind of party. They are very versatile and in our website you can find them in all colors, shapes and prints. One of your favorites is the Mrs. Laurent jumpsuit, ideal to wear on special occasions! We bet 100% for this garment, and you?


Red Wedding and Graduation Jumpsuit


2. Jumpsuits for morning or evening weddings?

The best thing about choosing a jumpsuit for your event is that they are a piece that, by protocol, is suitable for both day and evening weddings.It's a matter of knowing how to combine them. According to protocol, long garments are usually reserved for evening weddings, but the truth is that with jumpsuits an exception is made, so you can also wear them in daytime events: baptisms, communions or daytime weddings.. Of course, we recommend that for this type of occasion you bet on light colors and powdered tonesespecially in spring/summer. A very safe option for this spring is green and lavender.

Lavender Guest Jumpsuit

As it is a long garment, jumpsuits are ideal for an evening wedding or graduation parties. In this case, we would choose darker colors or stronger tones such as red, black or purple. In addition, you can always give it a more evening feel by combining it with sequins, rhinestone details, party make-up or more daring accessories.

Purple Wedding and Graduation Jumpsuit

3. How to combine jumpsuits for guests?

Accessories are essential to finish any guest look and, in these cases, jumpsuits give a lot of play when it comes to combine and show off at a wedding, graduation or confirmation. If you decide to wear this garment, do not forget complete your look with a necklace, earrings, handbag, headband, etc.... In our collection we have the perfect complements that will help you to get a style of 10! If you still don't know how to combine your party jumpsuit, write to us at Instagram and we'll help you!

Nude Clutch

4. What type of jumpsuit fabric suits me best?

At the-are we started designing jumpsuits made of stretch knit, this is a fabric with a lot of fall and has a beautiful movement when walking. Choose this type of fabric if you are looking for a comfortable garment. The only drawback is that this fabric can mark a little. If you prefer to conceal some areas, go for chiffon fabricsThey do not mark anything and are very elegant. In this new collection, we have opted for a new fresher and more spring-like fabric of the Mrs. Cooper jumpsuit with a jacquard print that can't be more elegant. Besides, this jumpsuit is multiposition, did you know that?

Multiposition Graduation Jumpsuit

To see more options, don't miss our section of Stylish Jumpsuits in our online store!


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