¿Nos invitan a la boda de Tamara Falcó?

Are we invited to Tamara Falcó's wedding?

Let's just say we weren't there, but with everything we're about to tell you, it's as if we were invited. Gossip Girl? Yes, I am.

They've fought for their love and they're finally husband and wife.

Saturday, July 8, Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onievatied the knot in the finca El Rincóna dream place that for many years was the habitual residence of the bride's father, Carlos Falcó. The most awaited wedding, already began last Friday with the celebration of the party. pre-wedding partywhere Tamara decided to wear a suit of jacket and pants from her collection. TFP, her brand in collaboration with Pedro del Hierro.. The event took place at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid and the guests entered through the big door, literally, parading down the red carpet. Among the closest friends were celebrities such as Juan Avellaneda and Vicky Martín Berrocal.

Undoubtedly, Tamara enjoyed from the first moment of every moment that happened on this special day. She began the preparation in the company of her sisters. Chábeli y Ana Boyer surrounded by flowers in Tía Paloma's room.

After an obstacle course to finally celebrate the wedding of the year, Támara and Íñigo show their royal love in front of the 400 guestsfor whom a three-day festivity was prepared, where every detail was thought of to the maximum. And for details, the dress of the protagonist, for which she had a clear idea and with the help of her mother, Isabel Preysler and her stylist have obtained the result she had dreamed of for so long.

Designed in record time

The dress, created in only 5 weeks, was a design by Wes Gordoncreative director of the Carolina Herrera brand. Several trips were made to New York for the different fittings, but it was made in Spain (like the one in the United States). THE-ARE).


The perfect complement was the diamond tiara that belonged to her grandmother Hilda Fernandez de Cordova. A perfect jewel, for a perfect day. As for the make-up, the bride chose the Sisley Paris team who advised her a natural and soft make-up, avoiding glitter. A "royal" look, but contemporary.

Shall we talk about the guests? Our TOP 5

Vicky Martín Berrocal wore one of the most TOP dresses of the night. A look that was characterized by its pastel green color and the trend of the cape and shoulder pads. amazing!

The best part of the styling was that it incorporated the trend of theguests with a cape a huge translucent fabric in the same tone that came out of her shoulder pads.

Eugenia Silva impressed with her choice of a piece created in 2016 by Josep Font for Del Pozo. A look created from a handcrafted work taking care of every detail to show high exclusivity.


Casilda Finatwore an asymmetrical pre-mom dress by Jan Taminiau. The designer was looking for something comfortable and elegant for the wedding, so she chose a tunic style dress with a fall that conceals a little bit the pregnant belly. Spectacular!

Ana Boyer chose a custom dress designed by Tamara Falcó herself in turquoise blue and purple that highlighted her summer tan. The dress has an off-shoulder neckline, cut-out bodice and draped waist that enhances her figure. She combined it with accessories such as purple sandals and rigid clutch.


Was there a saucy affair? We confirm

Salseo 1: Isabel Preysler didn't like the location of the pre-wedding, but to see her daughter happy, whatever it takes.

Salseo 2: Tamara does not invite Jordi Cruz to her wedding. Despite their connection, there has been a great estrangement. Before meeting Íñigo they had a "movie kiss" in the Masterchef program, but the relationship did not go further.

Salseo 3: There has been controversy with the waitresses' outfits. As I tell you... And is that the waitresses appeared in period costumes. Totally unexpected! But very original.

Salseo 4: There's almost a fire! Alejandra Onieva, Íñigo's little sister noticed that one of the candles was brushing against the robe of one of the priests. The cursed wedding?

Salseo 5: They were so excited about the event that they even signed up for dance classes! Unfortunately, Tamara decided not to attend classes because she was too overwhelmed. Keep the rhythm going!

We'll keep you posted!





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