¿Qué me pongo en una boda de verano?

What should I wear to a summer wedding?

We know that in these hot months, it may seem impossible to attend an event and be 100% perfect throughout the party. You already know that in THE-ARE nothing is impossible, so we are going to give you some tips so you can attend your next event and be comfortable, beautiful and ready to give it all.

Are you getting married in summer?

If you're the bride, you're in luck. At THE-ARE we have thought about you and the organization of your day and that is why we have realized that there is no longer only one celebration. Now, as you well know, we have several special days that revolve around the most special day and the most important thing is that every moment you have to be radiant. At THE-ARE we have the perfect look for any of the occasions: The dress Mrs. Adana



The engagement

In the past, the proposal consisted of getting down on one knee, giving the ring as a gift, going to "ask for the bride's hand" to the bride's family? Among other traditions that have changed, or rather, they are still so much but we have given them a touch of party. The proposal is a private party that is organized with family and close friends, a great moment to strengthen ties between both parties and have fun discussing the preparations and anecdotes.

The pre-wedding

Some people say that they have a better time on this day than at the wedding itself. It has become a must have of weddings. It is a way to receive and welcome all friends and family the day before the ceremony. Important: If you celebrate it, do not finish too late because remember that the next day you have to be perfect to be the queen.

The wedding

I imagine that for this day you have every detail organized. But, just in case, we remind you that since a few years ago the bride changes her dress for the party. Or, as Marta Lozanoeven 3 looks in the same day. Spectacular!




Have you been invited to a summer wedding?

As the temperatures are very high, you have to pay attention to the choice of look. Whether it's a summer wedding daytime or a nightThe wedding dress code for both long and short dresses revolves around a protocol. If the wedding is during the day and you prefer a short dress look, make sure you are comfortable and wear a cool fabric to get through the day as well as possible.

If the wedding is at night, you may be luckier because the temperatures drop as the event usually starts in the afternoon, continues into the evening and lasts until dawn. Make sure you choose a look so you can wear it all the way to the end and dance to all the party tunes.

Daytime wedding looks

Evening wedding looks

Looking for accessories?

For daytime weddings, if you are one of those who like to take risks and also go protected from the sun, we recommend you to go for an pamela o straw hat. The choice will depend on the color and style of your dress, jumpsuit or outfit to match your guest look.

If you are looking for the total lookat THE-ARE we have it. The jewels and the bag are very important to complete it and are what will give you the most special touch to be the perfect guest, take a look at our website!


Still haven't found the perfect hairstyle?

Maybe you think that looking for a hairstyle in summer can be more difficult because of the heat. We tell you that it is easier than it seems because with updos and half updos you can show off your look and be ideal throughout the event.


Semi updos


The final touch... The sandals

Don't worry, if you are still looking and the wedding is approaching, at THE-ARE we have our own shoe collection and, of course, manufactured and produced in Spain, that's always the case!

They are party sandals, very comfortable, with platform and padded insole. The heel is high to show off your guest look to the fullest. In addition, they have crossed straps for a better support throughout the celebration. Check out all the colors on our website, you will be amazed!



If you still need more tips to be the perfect guest, don't miss out on the details at Instagram y TikTok. You already know that in THE-ARE we are top in event looks and we assure you to be the perfect guest at your next summer wedding.




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