Se cumple el sueño de María Pombo

Maria Pombo's dream comes true

María Pombo unveiled today on her Instagram profile that one of her dreams is finally coming true: Having a house in Cantabria

As she explained in her stories, since she was a little girl she has had this dream since Cantabria is her home. "place of absolute happiness".. Now, she confesses that she has two dreams: "to be a mother and to have a house with my family to enjoy", she explains just before showing the video of the future house under construction.



The north in her heart

Longtime followers of María Pombo will know that the north has always been her place of peace and disconnection. Every summer we can see the whole family enjoying unforgettable moments in nature and now, with Martín, Vega and Mati, the youngest of the family, the desire to spend the summer together is multiplied by 1000.



Cold or hot? Looks in northern Spain

During the last few years we have seen María enjoying her vacations in the north of Spain. north. You know that in order to travel to that area, the suitcase becomes a potpourri of looks because you do not know when it will be hot, if it will be cold or a storm will fall. But this crazy weather has its charm.


Beach looks

Pack clothes that you can wear with your bikini or swimsuit. For example, a pair of pants or a long skirt, which turn the bikini into a perfect outfit to extend the day.


Bikinis and swimsuits

It is possible that in the evening, the temperature drops and you change your outfit radically. But you can't forget to pack your favorite swimsuits in your suitcase, because you're sure to enjoy the beautiful northern beaches one day. Even if there is a swell day, you can take the opportunity to go surfing. There are quite a few schools there and it can be a good opportunity to launch yourself with a new adventure.


Sweatshirts and sweaters

When temperatures drop, have a sweatshirt handy to combine with your summer looks or with jeans. A must-have to pack in your suitcase.



Long pants

The choice of looks is going to be full of "just in case" and without a doubt a long jean is one of them. A total look of top and long pants is the best!!!








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