Aitana Soriano cuánto gana

We tell you the truth about Aitana Soriano's statements. 👀

I guess you're up to date with the commotion that has been created by a message that Aitana Soriano launched in the podcast of La Influencia. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, pay attention because I'm going to tell you more.

First of all, do you know who Aitana Soriano is?

Aitana (@aitanaasoriano) is a 19 year old girl, born in Valencia and currently a content creator. Her profiles on social networks exceed 400k on Instagram and 800k on TikTok. In other words, a very very top Influencer 🫶.🏻

Leaving aside the networks, she is a person who loves to embark on new adventures, discover the world, read.... We were lucky enough to meet her very closely on a trip recently. And we can assure you that we are IN LOVE with her🙈

What happened with Aitana? A misunderstood statement

A few days ago the episode with Aitana Soriano was published on the podcast of The Influencewith Marta Pombo,Ale Agulló and Petón where we were able to get to know the content creator and the influencer world a little closer. Aitana was able to reveal more aspects of her personal life and her unique way of being.

However, one of the questions in the interview was: "How much is the most you've ever charged for an advertisement on Instagram?", to which she replied "35K". Of course, from here on there has been a commotion and everyone has drawn their own conclusions.



What does Aitana mean by 35K?

The remuneration that a content creator like her can receive amounts to high figures. However, this figure refers to an amount ANNUALof an advertising campaign.

That is to say, this figure is influenced by several clauses such as: specific number of impacts, appearance in different profiles, image rights, objective of the content... Among other aspects that make it worthy of the salary that corresponds to it. As stated in the statement of The Influence Show: "This is a price in line with the market and that involves the work of many people".

What's all the fuss about?

We are surprised because a girl with so much influence in Social Networks, receives a certain amount for her work. It may be a high remuneration if we compare it with the average annual salary in Spain, but we must take into account what we mean by the term influencer. Nowadays, a content creator has the purpose of giving brands and their products or services visibility, in order to increase sales, create brand image, position themselves in a specific market...

It may be that in the past brands invested in other advertising media such as TV commercials or newspaper ads. Now, we continue to consume these media, but we have changed the format to feed ourselves with advertisements and influencers are now part of the communication and sales strategy of small and large companies. 🚀

So, what should a social media content creator charge? 📲 It is not for us to decide, but for us to decide. each brand with its objectives and budgets will know who to select to communicate a product or service and what actions they want to carry out during a specific period.

We are all Aitana

We love the world of influencers and we communicate with them every day. They are a fundamental pillar in THE-ARE and the content they create for our brand is the most important thing!!!!

Individually, we are loyal followers, and as a brand they are our best allies.

Long live the influs! 🤞🏻💚

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