Georgina Rodríguez viste de THE-ARE

We have Georgina Rodriguez's boho jumpsuit

If you are looking for the look comfy of Georgina, we have it in THE-ARE ✌🏻

You know we love to make you feel special and unique 24 hours a day, that's why we have looks for every moment. From events to your sweet dreams.

Surely you could not have thought that in Georgina's closet there was ajumpsuit but we have a secret: you can be comfortable and be a diva at the same time.✨

The influencer has achieved it with this look boho style that she has shown so much in her social networks during the vacations. Forgetting the tight dresses and flashy colors, Georgina has opted for the blue stretch fabric denim style. 

At THE-ARE we have the look comfy you need this summer. The jumpsuit ENJOY ALLY will be part of your must-have garments. To wear with a pair of shoes or cowboy boots... It's ideal!!!! 


jumpsuit ENJOY TODAY 



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