Todo sobre la boda de Marta Pombo

All about Marta Pombo's wedding

We haven't been there, have we?

Anyway, we know everything that happened in one of the most relevant weddings of 2023. Start reading, because we're sure there are things you still don't know...


The dresses

As we told you before, the dress is by Redondo Brand and stood out for its crossover neckline and tulle sleeves. The detail of its long tail of more than 30 meters of tulle stood out. Brutal! There are different opinions, but the truth is that it was "very Marta" and original for this day. She was very flattering and happy, which is what really matters. She combined the dress with some amazing shoes by Jimmy Choo and the bouquet that belongs to the studio Ferini and was composed of white roses. 

The second dress was totally different from the one of the ceremony. A short model embroidered with more than 500 crystal flowers and also designed by Jorge Redondo. A spectacular dress that allowed her to dance and enjoy the party all night long. 

Emotional moments

During the ceremony many unforgettable moments were lived, among them the words that Marta and Luis dedicated to each other. The vows Marta's vows were: "I wrote the vows yesterday. I did it from the heart and, although life begins many times, you have been one of my best gifts. It is hard for me to write promises for the future, but I want you to be here because I choose you every day. Every day you will be my present, my security and my home and, most importantly, it will always be you and Matilda. I choose you to be a team today and always." 

The words of Luis were also precious: 

"To the perfect woman I would sculpt her as you are, with all your qualities. You are successful, but humble, you are generous, loving. You love your family, you always look for the good of those around you and there is nothing better than being by your side". Also, Marta, you are a very good mother and you can say that with facts. There can be no better mother for Matilda. Therefore, I promise to be the best man who could enter your house, as a husband and as a father. To enjoy life together and to face adversities together as well. I love you for life.

The wedding date coincides with the first birthday of your daughter Matilda. It was very emotional and they celebrated there with cake and gifts. Super nice!


The most careful details 

The event was organized by Wedding Planner, Martina for the North where behind all the work there is a team of women with a great taste for decoration. 

During the wedding they counted on the presence of a illustrator, María Muñoz de Fernando. An artist who has already worked with several relevant fashion brands and performs this beautiful service at weddings and special moments. Most of the guests had their illustration done, among them Marta Lozano and Teresa Andres

Also, the bride and groom had a great detail with Marta Lozano and Lorenzo Remohí, leaving on their table an outfit for their future son, who will be born in 2024. 

The music 

The ceremony was set by a group of Asturian music specialized in this type of events. This band from Aviles is led by Jorge Villaboy. In fact, some guests such as Tomás Páramo posted his thanks to the band on social networks with words like: "you guys have passed the game, amazing". 

Also present were the team from Crazy Houra concept very present in the current events touring throughout Europe. Marta and Luis wanted to turn their most special day into a real festival and they certainly succeeded. 

Celebrating in style 

At the end of the meal, the same restaurant, La Borda del Mentiderosweetened the beginning of the party with a very original candy bar full of sweets and candies for all the guests. 

Quique González de Vega was the DJ the main DJ of the wedding playing great tracks throughout the night. He is a close friend of the Pombo family and has already been seen at some influencer events. 

Curiosities that will drive you crazy 

Let's start with a very funny one. Some people wear earplugs to sleep, but Lucia Pombo decides to carry them in her purse when she knows that the music at the party is going to be very loud. According to the information she has provided on Instagram, she says: "A must for me is to wear earplugs to reduce the ambient noise when there is a lot of noise. I hear everything more attenuated".

The second sister of the bride, María Pombodecided to cut the tulle off her dress and use it as a sash during the end of the party. It bothered her and she couldn't dance at ease, so she decided to take it off and live every moment to the fullest. Good choice! And, as Jorge Redondo himself was there, he cut it live. So it couldn't look bad. 

Marta Pombo decided to liven up the party by singing live the song "Mamma Mia" by the group Abba, which, apparently, must be one of her favorites because the entrance to the ceremony with Papín was with the song "I have a dream" by the same band from the 70s. 

The Honney Moon

Last minute! The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon. They have chosen the trip to Sri Lanka and Maldives to celebrate their wedding and first days as husband and wife. Now, to continue enjoying and remembering all the unforgettable moments of this day.



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