We are going on a TRIP to Morocco with INFLUENCERS

Last week we went to Agadir, Morocco with some influencers we love 🫶.🏻

Lucía Castejón, Iona Downs, Aitana Soriano, Alba Perarnau, Lucía De Luis and Andrea Belver joined the experience without hesitation. And the trip has been truly AMAZING.


It all began when we met Blue Waves Surf House (@bluewavessurfhouse)a place surrounded by good vibes to disconnect and learn to surf and yoga. We got in touch and we left everything super ready to start contacting the girls and prepare the best experience of summer 2023.

As soon as we saw the girls at the airport in Valencia, we confirmed that indeed, we could not have selected a better group to accompany us during these days. All of them had a great time (said by them, eh?😜) and they caught some waves in the surf class. Besides, some of them didn't know each other well enough and on this trip they have joined together and it seems that THE-ARE created friendships for life 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


What were their look favs?

We tell you all about it here!🏄🏻‍♀️🌊🌞


Aitana Soriano


To see a sunset in the rooftop of the hotel, Aitana chose one of our favorite outfits of the summer: the total look SET BREEZE. The orange color combined with a beautiful print (designed by us!) and the short top make it an ideal outfit to be always comfortable and stylish. Aitana again opted for a total look for a walk through the streets of Agadir, this time she decided to go for the skirt and vest TULUM.

Lucia De Luis


One of the top plans we did was surfing in the IN-CRE-Í-BLES beaches of Agadir, and for the occasion Lucia chose our LOMBOK bikini in an electric blue, super flattering for fair-skinned blond girls! A total success was her choice of matching the PALM BEACH top top with the skirt FREE SOUL.

Alba Perarnau 


Alba chose the swimsuit FIYI for the sun and beach plans, and took advantage of the sunset light coming through the hotel window to take this photo, she couldn't look more beautiful! For one of our evening getaways, the SUNRISE dress dress was her favorite for dinner out near the coast.

Iona Downs

One of the keys to going on a trip is to always dress comfortably, but if you also want to be stylish then two-piece looks are your thing. For the visit to the dunes Iona combined the SEA SOUL ensemble with a hat that added dimension to the look, we are for those who think that accessories are key to elevate any look. To the visit of the different street markets that are in Morocco the SEVILLA dress dress was a hit: ethnic print, light fabric (with a bit of sparkle) and an open back.

Lucía Castejón


Dresses are one of those summer must-haves. Lucía chose the SUNRISE dress dress for a night around a bonfire (it was a very, very special plan) and the CRETA dress dress to watch the sunset on the rooftop.

Andrea Belver


Andrea opted for a look that never fails and with which you always go with style: short top and midi skirt with sneakers or sandals. For the first getaway in which we strolled through the city of Agadir, took the TANK TOP CLASSIC combined with the skirt WILD SUNSETS. On the second day she chose the same formula but this time adding color with the SUN ON ME skirt and the TULUM vest.

 If you want to see a little bit more about the trip, go to our profile at Instagram y TikTok 💫 By the way! We have a little surprise that you are going to love... Do you like surfing? 🙊 Stay tuned!!!









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