Violeta Mangriñán presume de tripita en su segundo embarazo

Violeta Mangriñán shows off her baby bump in her second pregnancy

Violeta is the clear example of a pregnancy with a twist. And yes, you can show off your belly this summer with the bikinis y swimsuits more trendyHave you ever thought about it?


If you are reading this I imagine that you are one of those moms-to-be who love fashion, follow trends and always want to be on trend. It doesn't matter if your body is changing, you can choose looks that you feel great in.


We have the look you're looking for

We know it might be a little trickier to find the perfect bikini or swimsuit for these months. But, at THE-ARE we always have solutions for everyone and what we are going to show you next, you are going to love.


New swimwear collection

You will be amazed with the options we have in our collection. Paradise Found. Prints, colors, shapes.... Whatever your style, I'm sure we have a look for your next vacation. There's still summer left, so take advantage of it and show off your tummy like you deserve.



If you are looking for a special design, this is your swimsuit. The thin straps and teardrop neckline make it fit perfectly. With the golden color and beige silhouette, you will look amazing tanned.



Swimsuit with floral print fabric in turquoise. The straps are thin and adjustable so you can adjust it as you like. In addition, the pleating on the chest stylizes you and is very comfortable.


Adjustable top and panties, it is tied at the sides with a bow. If you try it on and it really becomes your fav, you can choose this bikini in various colors and thus have more options during the 9 months.




A very flattering bikini. Its gathered hips and Brazilian knickers stylize your silhouette to the maximum. The bandeau top has wide straps for good support, along with the gathered neckline to match the bottom.

What do you think of all the options? Enter our website because you are going to be amazed with the new collection. And if you are going to be a mom, whatever the week you find yourself, remember that you can also show off your body with top looks, we will help you to choose them!


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