Vuelve la colección más esperada

The most awaited collection is back

New pajamas collection!

How much were you looking forward to this moment?

The pajama collection is here

The launch of pajamas is one of the most awaited moments of the year, because the pajamas from THE-ARE have a special essence. The fabrics, prints, details... They are unique and you always love them. We love them too! 

Since 2021

It's been 3 years since we launched our first pajama collection. We were just at a time when we were very much at home. Do you remember? A few months where most of the time was spent in pajamas. And it was the perfect time to fill your homes with brutal looks! Shirts and pants sets with original and combinable prints. Social networks were flooded with the collection❤️‍🔥



In 2022 we released a collection in collaboration with Maria Frubies. The creation process was incredible: choosing the prints, the naming, the tailoring, the shooting.... Making a pajama collection with María was the best! I hope we can do it again sometime, because you were a huge success in a very short time! 


We'll do it again 

It won't be long now until you can discover the new collection. We are in love with each one of them!

The pajamas arrive this month from November to spend the autumn at home. The most special moments are lived in pajamas. Have you ever thought about it? 

Always 100% produced made in Spainwith very soft fabrics, ideal prints and a cut that will make you feel that it is made for you. So you can enjoy the most of your happiest moments with your new pajamas. And we anticipate that it will be THE BEST GIFT FOR THIS CHRISTMAS 🎄✨

You will be amazed! 

We leave you some clues... 🤫


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