Legal Terms and Conditions Freemium Pass Sweepstakes THE-ARE


Youandi Infinite S.L. with registered office at C/ La Safor 5, 46940 Manises, Valencia, with CIF B98962038 owner of the trademark THE-ARE (hereinafter "THE-ARE") organizes on the dates indicated below, the free contest without obligation to purchase called Freemium Passes SweepstakesTHE-ARE(hereinafter "the Sweepstakes") in accordance with the terms and conditions described in these Terms and Conditions.


The sweepstakes will be carried out only through the social network Instagram, from the official account of THE-ARE @thearecom.

Participants must follow all the steps indicated: be a follower of THE-AREand register on the link and be able to play the game within the period indicated by THE-AREthe same day the winner is selected.


The prize is based on the following conditions:the winner will have 1 minute to buy whatever he/she wants from the website of THE-AREwebsite, taking into account the conditions indicated below and being monitored at all times by the marketing team of THE-ARE. 


FREEMIUM' pass which consists of an access to the website to buy at 0 cost whatever you manage to add to the cart during one minute, taking into account that the payment process must be included in this minute, that is, the order must be placed in this time.


From the registered database, one person will be selected and contacted to carry out the 'game/sweepstakes'.


The execution of the sweepstakes is done via video call. The team of THE-ARE team will again inform the winner of the conditions of the draw (previously read in these databases). As soon as everything is clear, the winner will receive a code that will allow him/her to make his/her purchase at 0€. The team of THE-ARE team will monitor the winner and indicate the time remaining for him/her to redeem the prize within the indicated time. This sweepstakes will be recorded for later broadcast on social networks, as branded content.


- The winner cannot add more than one unit of the same product .

- The winner must enter each product to choose his/her size and add it to the cart from the product's 'Add to Cart' button.

- The winner must show the THE-ARE team that the cart is at 0 before starting the game.

- The winner must fill in the data at the checkout during the draw.

- The winner must share the screen or show via video call how the sweepstakes unfolds. (We recommend that another person holds the mobile and shows the screen while the winner plays the game/drawing from another mobile/computer/tablet).


The personal data of the winners will be integrated into the database of THE-ARE in compliance with the data protection law. The user has the possibility to unsubscribe at any time by requesting it via email. *You can review the conditions in our Privacy Policy.


The winners authorize the brand to publish and promote the content generated as a result of this sweepstakes and their information, such as profile picture, name or email, on the website and social networks of THE-AREas well as in any of the brand's official communication channels, without this generating any right in their favor to receive any benefit whatsoever.