Changes and returns

All customers who purchase before quarantine and want to change or return will not be informed of the quarantine day from Sunday, March 15 to May 9 (we have started normal operation), but they must inform us of the return within 14 natural days.

For those who buy weapons during quarantine, the deadline is extended to May 23 (14 days after we start normal operations),But you must inform us within 14 natural days that you want to continue to return

Thank you for staying at home and supporting our online shopping

You have received your order, but are you not sure you want it? Don't worry, in
you 14 calendar days from when you receive it, change or return it, we accept it at our facilityno This means that any stage of change or return must be completed during this period. Including receiving items at our facilities No change or refund is allowed outside this period.

We only accept unused items. Don't cut the label until you know you want to keep the product. We suggest you try on your clothes quietly in front of a full body mirror to see what you're going to wear

On each product page of the online store, you can find advice and help on how to dress. We know that some people need a guidebook to understand how to give it to you (jeje), so we have video tutorials for you and our customer service so that you can contact us and understand your questions. We would be happy to offer you advice and help

**The entire accessories (jewelry, belts, headscarves, hats, bags, etc.) cannot be replaced or returned.

**Any accessories (jewelry, belt, jewelry, hat, handbag, etc.) on the website cannot be replaced or returned even if they are not in the accessories part.

**If you buy something in the tent, once we tell you that you can pick it up, calculate any changes or returns from 14 calendar days, because it's like you are at home, in the post office, in the neighborhood, etc.Because the relevant delivery has been completed.

**If there is a gift in your order that is detailed, it should also be returned when returning it.

**Orders purchased online and / or in physical stores may not be changed or returned at any point of sale in the UK courts.

**In exceptional circumstances, due to human error, the pledge you receive is in poor condition. You must notify us within 24 hours / 48 hours after receiving the pledge so that we can handle it. If such notice is not received, the enterprise department shall not take over.

** importantNote: if you have purchased a customized photochemical pledge, and the pledge is customized for you, it cannot be changed or returned.

**The collection of "summer treasure" bathroom in 2020 is in handkerchief, which is a supplement to the collection. We will give it to you when we buy it. If you decide to return the bathrobe, you have to return the handkerchief wrapped in it If not, a 100% refund is not possible, but the sale price of the subsidy - 14.95 euros - will be deducted.

If you buy a dress to make tie dye and you use ink, we won't be responsible for the clothes you wear This dress can't be returned or changed