Garment care

Do you want to know how to make clothes last much longer in the same state in which you bought them? Learn how to care for your garments with the following tips:

General character:

- If your garments have sequins, wash your garments by hand. Keep in mind that there are times when ventilating and brushing the clothes is enough if they are not dirty. Doing so will save energy and your clothes will last longer.

- Preferably use soap for delicate clothes and never use bleach. If you use products with eco-labels, you will help the environment.

- Use water with a MAX temperature of 30º. The room temperature is perfect.

- DO NOT put your THE-ARE garments in the dryer.

- It is best to air dry them, if you hang it on a hanger you can save a little iron.

- Use the iron with a medium temperature MAX 110º. Do not iron the sequins.

Special cares:

- Vinyl jerseys: Iron inside out and hang without wringing.

- Velvet: Do not iron this material, you can leave marks on the hair.


- To take care of your jewels and that they do not lose their bath, avoid wetting them and applying perfume on them.