Pantalones en Tendencia y Cómo combinarlos

5 Trending Pants and How to Combine Them

In November we know there's only one thing you can think of... BLACK FRIDAY! We keep receiving messages asking what we will do on Black Friday and soon you will know the answer if you are subscribed to our newsletter in which we also warn you of all the news before anyone else, we give you exclusive discounts, tips...

What is clear is that Black Friday discounts are one of the most awaited of the year because you can anticipate Christmas gifts, give you some treats and also and also to book the latest trends at a good price.. So we have prepared a selection of 5 pants in trend that you have to add to your wishlist and a few tips so you can combine them very easily. And remember: whatever you want today, you'll get it for Black Friday!🙈

Fuchsia metallic pants 'Barbiecore' style

Metallic garments are a must for the season and, even though it is one of the trends riskiest trendsIt is perfect to combine with more basic looks and incorporate these garments in your day to day and get a more daring styling. We have chosen to design some metallic pants in fuchsia color, the most sought after color for those who seek to follow the latestBarbiecore trend.

How to match metallic pants

To combine the metallic pants we recommend giving them the prominence they deserve by choosing a white or black blouse or top and betting on giving dimension with warm garments such as trench coat, a black bomber or a knitted vest. Get the complete look here!

Dad Fit Suit Pants, wear it with style!

One of the most viral trends that we hope stays with us because we love it! We are talking about the Dad Fit trend or what comes to the same thing, some tailored pants that seem to be taken from our father's closet! They are characterized by being wide leg and high waist, a fashion that we have seen a lot of women wearing. influencers this season. They are super versatile pants that that will fix any look. and look good with sneakers as well as with more dressed up shoes.

Women's Tailored Gray Pants

As they are high-waisted, we recommend that you choose a shorter top to flatter and create a more flattering effect. longer legs. For an office or classy look, choose a white shirt or blouse for a more dressed up look. If your plan is to meet up with friends, go shopping or be out and about all day, choose a comfortable T-shirt or tight-fitting top and combine it with a vest or a maxi coat so you won't be cold at all! The colors that makematch with these pants are: gray, blue, orange, purple and black. Check the total look here!

Women's Cargo Pants, this winter's trend.

Neither jeans nor bell-bottoms. Pants arrive this season in cargo style for expand your repertoire of looks for everyday wear. A few years ago, these pants were worn by pop stars like Jennifer Lopez or Justin Timberlake and this winter they have been reinvented with a more casual style. But how do you wear cargo pants?

How to match Women's Cargo Pants

Undoubtedly, these are the most versatile pants of this selection because they combine in a thousand different ways, but we recommend betting on their side. more casualwith a sweatshirt or sweater oversizewith sneakers and printed shirts that give life to your style. If it's a cold day, opt for an overshirt or a quilted jacket to finish the look. Add to your cartthese garments and check them out on Black Friday!

How to match an Animal Print Pant

We all have basic tops, black tops, white t-shirts... and sometimes we find it difficult to create different looks. That's why printed garments are perfect for revolutionize your closet. They have become a must-have for winter looks in all their versions: snake, leopard and, of course, zebra. In our party collection Great Minds Pink Alikewhere pink has a strong protagonism, we designed this fuchsia zebra print pant to turn all your looks into looks and never go unnoticed!

How to Match Animal Print Pants

To combine printed pants like this one, you only need a top garment that has one of the colors of the pants in common. you have chosen. In this case, we've gone all black with these three options from fitted top in asymmetrical, ribbed or corset version. Add some simple accessories, sneakers or boots and you're done. If you liked it, get the total look now!

Satin pants and now with slits

We know that satin is one of the favorite fabrics that look great on you with party looks and this season is sweeping in all its versions, from dresses, pants, tops and even accessories. To this trend, we add the cut-out effectone of the protagonists that is here to stay for 2022/2023. The combination of the two trends results in a style that will be trendyand very flattering, this is how we designed our pants. Make An Impact.

How to Match Satin Pants

How to combine them? The great advantage of the satin garments is that they can be combined with other textures and always look elegant in any look. Choosesatin blousesand stretch knit sweaters to combine them and add a blazer blazer to finish the look. As they are black, these pants are perfect forto get you started in this trend and wear them on different special occasions.

During the coming months, these are some of the trends that come with more force with pants, along with glitter and sequins, so take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to get them! Find out about all the advantages of subscribing to our newsletter for the Black Friday.🔥

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