Cómo ir Vestida a una Graduación

How to go Dressed to a Graduation: Graduates, Guests and Mothers

If you are reading this, you may be about to graduate, so first thing: Congratulations!!!🥳🥳 If so, you are surely looking for the graduation look and yes, we know that for such a special day you can find the perfect set can be difficult.

That is why we are going to give you some tips that will help you choose your graduation outfit, whatever your style. In addition, we have not forgotten the mothers and guests who attend the event and want to go to the height of the event. So...graduate, guest or mother,Do not miss these tips!!

❗️But, before starting, we recommend you to take into account:

- Thedress codeof the center where you graduate.

- Theseasonand the weather. It is also important to notethe placeof the celebration (garden, restaurant in the heart of the city...). Based on this you will choose a type of look, fabric and color.

- Know whatbody typeyou have and detect what suits you and what doesn't in order to see yourself and, above all, to feel comfortable, beautiful and sure of yourself.HereI leave you a guide that can be very very useful🙈

Don't feel disguised, remember that the choice is yours and that, even if your friends and family recommend what to wear, the last word is yours.

- Try to find a look that you can rreuse on other occasions,get the most out of it!

What to wear to a graduation

Long or midi dress

By design, thelong dressusually reserved for more formal eventsand night ceremonies, so if you opt for it we recommend combining it with more minimalist accessories, natural makeup and loose or semi-tied hair so as not to look like you're going to a wedding.

One of the best alternatives ismidi-dress, whether the graduation is day or night, you can choose this versatile and elegant cut. If you want to give your style a different touch, we recommend a midi dress with simple lines and a satin fabric and risking a fun and youthful print that gives character to the look.

Midi Dresses for Graduation

Short dress

Because going short and very elegant is more than possible,choose a design that suits your silhouette and try not to be too short for protocol and for your own comfort. We advise you to stay away from transparencies, plunging necklines and very tight designs.

With theshort dressyou will be able to show off legs and shoes, so keep that in mind when preparing for graduation. Satin fabrics, asymmetrical necklines and bright colors will be your best allies. The best? Going short will make it much easier to reuse the look.

Short Graduation Dresses

InTHE-AREwe propose the dressMrs Morganwith which you are going to be right for sure! It is a green satin design with an asymmetrical neckline and bare shoulder, which could not be more trendy and flattering! And yes, you can wear it on more occasions after the event🤞🏼.


A trend that we love and that for several years has been going strong in all kinds of events due to itselegance and simplicity. Being a single piece you won't have to think too much, it's just put it on and ready to give it your all! For graduation, bet onmonkeysbell-bottom or stylepalaceand elastic knit fabrics that adapt to your body and are tight. As for colors,for fall/winterburgundy or green are a very good option; forspring Summeryou will be right with more striking and bright colors such as pink, yellow or red.

Graduation OverallsWith this option, you will not need more than elegant earrings and ahand clutchthat goes according to the style. The footwear you choose is very important, so opt for a good heel and you will achieve an optical effect of infinite legs!

Skirt or pants

The skirt or pants sets are a very good option if you want to be comfortable and take advantage of the look for other ceremonies. Thejacket and pant suitsfor women are a classic that never go out of style, choose a pair of pantspalace, with clips or straight and combine it with an elegant blouse. Cheer up with some daring color, this day is to spend it enjoying and having fun. Our favorite for this season? SetMrs Harley,a total look in white or purple, pure elegance. Add acomplementthat draws attention and you will have a set of 10!!

Women's Suits for Graduation

Another option is to choose aset with skirt, both long, midi or short (although not too much), you will hit 100%. Choose a straight, fitted or flared silhouette, as you like. As for the blouse, opt for puffed sleeves, a V-neckline or satin fabric. If you opt for the matching skirt and blouse sets, they will give you an optical effect of a dress, but with the advantage that you can wear ittogether or separatelywithout anyone suspecting that you reuse the outfit.😉 


You are going to spend many hours with that look, both at the ceremony and at the after party you are going to need comfortable shoes with which you can last all night without worries. If you're not used to wearing heels, use aflat ballerina shoesand thus you will not have the fear that many graduates have of falling when they go to collect the diploma😥

If you are looking for comfort and safe footing, choose someplatform chunky heel pumpsor sandals with a heel between 4 cm and 5 cm that are attached to the foot. recently inTHE-AREwe launched our first collection of shoes in whichWe have materialized all the advice you have asked us to choose your shoes on special occasions.Discover the complete collection!

High Heel Sandals for Graduation

How to go dressed to a graduation invitation?

If instead of being the graduate, you received the invitation a long time ago or you have agreed to go at the last moment and you don't know what to wear, calm down because the previous keys are also the same for you.

Graduation Guest LookBeing a companion allows you to choosea more relaxed and carefree look, but with that elegant touch, staying true to your style. You may also be invited to the dinner or after party, so choose a slightly more dressed-up look and opt for a two-piece set of blouse and pants with accessories and complements that attract attention or a midi cocktail dress without very low cut Stay away from jeans, sneakers, sequins, very ornate designs and very bright colors, remember: the limelight is for the graduate.

Whether you are a graduate or a guest, theblessing setIt is a perfect option if you are looking to be comfortable with a different touch. If you are a graduate, risk adding more accessories to the look and wearing a more arranged hairstyle. If you are invited, opt for more casual accessories and natural makeup with loose hair.

For the parents it is also a very special moment because they have accompanied their children throughout their career and have seen how they have grown and matured in that time.

You mothers can also apply the above tips, adding these keys that we are going to give you to get the look right:

- Don't be afraid to take risks withprints, especially if the event is held during the day and in spring/summer. You can opt for the classic flower print, it never fails!

- Theasymmetrical neckline and midi cutIt is one of the most flattering and elegant for a graduation. If you opt for this type of neckline, remember to choose a slightly simpler design and plain colors.

- By day or with good weather, choosecolorsneutrals or shades such as green, coral or blue. At night or in autumn winter, choose colors such as navy blue, burgundy or even black.

- The alternative to the dress, opt for askirt or pantscombined with a white blouse or a raw tone. Give prominence to the lower part with a more special skirt or pants or accessories. Palazzo or bell-cut trousers, or a flared or pleated midi skirt, as you prefer!


❤️We hope that our tips have been useful to you and that you have an unforgettable graduation day❤️. We would love to see your photos on social networks, send them to us or upload them and mention us so we can see them! Are@thearecom!!

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